Dave Field is probably one of the most well know DJs in the Coachella Valley. When you go to Village Fest in Palm Springs on a Thursday night with Dave or, take a walk through the mall on any given day, people will often call out his name to stop him and ask where he’s DJing?
Dave’s DJ career began to take shape in his early 20’s when DJ Jammin Jim (the resident DJ at Zelda’s night club at the time) took a leave of absence to go work on cruise ships. Before leaving, Jim taught Dave to beat mix and even gave him the name “Dynamic Dave.”
After inheriting the position as the main DJ at Zelda’s, Dave began to master the art of keeping the dance floor full each night while quickly becoming a skilled MC. Organizing everything from bikini competitions to lip sync contests, Dave realized how much he loved energizing the crowd with just the right music combined with humorous and witty comments.
Over the past few decades Dave would eventually move on to work at many of the most popular clubs in the Coachella Valley. Realizing he needed more of a challenge and more money, Dave decided to take the path of many DJs before him and has segued into working mobile DJ gigs.
From grandchildren to grandparents Dave can entertain just about any crowd he is hired to play for. While Dave still enjoys knowing that he has made a lot of people happy at the end of the night, he confesses his least favorite part of being a mobile DJ is hauling the equipment around (I have to agree with him on this one.) “Besides making people happy,” Dave comments, “It’s super cool to be the only one in the room who knows what the next song is going to be, I really enjoy that. Unlike radio I don’t have a set playlist put together by a consulting firm across the country, I’m not an announcer, I’m truly a DJ.”
When asked about what artist get the best response on the dance floor Dave answers “it’s usually the flavor of the month, right now it’s probably Sak Noel and LMFAO.” Dave also adds “House Music seems to be the trend these days, but it really depends on the crowd.” If you ask him what he likes to listen to you may be surprised – the Beatles. Dave is also an active member of the Coachella Valley DJ Association.
While, Djing is a great way to pay the bills, being a good dad and person in these whack times is Dave’s priority. Dynamic Dave can be reached at dynamicdavedj@yahoo.com if you want him to DJ your event.
Written By: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment
(760) 619-3276


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