By Mrs Fett

E3 has wrapped up, and with that, has come a bombardment of press releases, panels, parties, and meetings, all to discuss and argue the best and worst of what E314 had to offer. I had the opportunity to see the convention center the day before it opened, a gift I took full advantage of. Although I was unable to sneak pictures of anything before the convention opened, I took advantage of the freedom to walk around, poking into the displays of some of the top gaming developers today.

Assassin’s Creed Unity emerged with a brand new trailer, and although the game produced feelings of “O my god are you done yet?” my hopes are high that this installment of AC will produce a game with the compelling story I once loved, even if there are no boats this time around.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, showed up guns blazing. Seriously, they showed up in one hell of an armored assault vehicle, and parked it in their massive, sure to be largest of E3, display booth. My final impression left me with rinse and repeat tactics, and the smell of TitanFall mechanics creeping into the franchise.


Battlefield: Hardline aka Battlefield Cops and Robbers, boasts an inside experience into how cops and criminals interact with each other. What? Isn’t that what we have GTA for?

Between the battle of BF and CoD, these next installations will set a new standard of dominance in the online, multiplayer world. Both use new tactics to keep you in the game, with new storylines, which no one will really play anyway, and of course, new modes. Although I would love to say BF might by the front runner, sadly, I do not believe that to be the case.

Violence everywhere. Alien games, horror games, Mario, Kirby, Army and kitty, of all the titles that brought excitement, nothing came close to what Sony pulled out. It’s the only video game I love enough to have used for a theme for my tattoos; so much that I have three of them now. Little Big Planet 3. Bigger, better, and happier than ever. And now LBP3 will feature other major characters to accompany you on your journey, which you can choose to play as.

Other than The Evil Within, who are finally making a name for themselves in the eyes of their Horror survival game fans, other featured titles were somewhat of a wash. Are we at the pivotal point in gaming history where we start over and go back to 8-Bit? I’m ok with that. Are you?