Growing up on the East coast in the small town of Jacksonville, Florida, Mia Dangerfield got her first taste of house music when a friend gave her a cassette tape of world-renowned DJ/producer Roger Sanchez. Something clicked for Mia. She became mesmerized by how the DJ would tell a story by blending the tracks together.

It wasn’t long before Mia turned 21 and started driving to Miami to explore the music scene. South Beach was loaded with night clubs where she continued to hone her DJ skills and love of house music.

By the time Mia was 25, another friend had convinced her to move to Philadelphia where her DJ career began to take off. She was emerged in one of the best music scenes on the East coast, playing in some of the best clubs in Philly. On the weekends, Mia began making appearances in New York City clubs such as Santo’s Party House, Rebel, and the legendary Cielo nightclub in Greenwich Village, where she played three times last year.

Being a female DJ it was easy to get recognized but not as easy to get the respect she wanted. “You have to be tough,” Mia admits, as she recalls struggling in the early years trying to establish herself. Eventually she continued to add impressive venues to her resume like Kansas City’s Global Electronic Music Festival this year, and the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, which was her most memorable gig playing in front of 5,000 bobbing heads.


“East Coast clubs are gritty,” Mia comments on the difference between East Coast and West Coast nightclubs. East coast clubs go until 11 am, and then after parties take place until the end of the next day. The West coast is more laid back.

Mia is also into wine and food and her day job working at Tinto restaurant inside the Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs has recently landed her here in the Coachella Valley. She considers the West coast the next chapter in her life and enjoys spinning music poolside.

Mia reveals, “I see plenty of opportunity here in Palm Springs.” In fact, she is working towards hosting a pool party on Sundays at the Saguaro hotel this summer. She is very excited to showcase some East coast flavor and possibly bring some of her favorite artists here from NYC. The Valley’s newest female DJ has her first gig since her move to the desert on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, called “Family Affair,” this weekend, May 5-6, 2012.

If you would like to download some of latest tracks Mia has produced, you can check out her Sound Cloud site at To find out what she has planned for the rest of 2012 or to have her spin at your party, you can contact her at:

Written By: Craig Michaels
(760) 619-3276

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