You Can Put Your Eggs in This Basket!

Easter does require a couple safety reminders says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna.  Let’s Hop to them!  To prevent choking, children under the age of 5 should not be given small candy.  Toys with small pieces are also choking hazards so be mindful of any toys handed out to young children.  Remember that eggs can be hazardous and quickly spoil if not refrigerated properly before and after you decorate them.  Do not use eggs that have been cracked or broken.  While hunting Easter eggs or other outdoor games, remember to apply sunscreen.  Check with parents before offering any chocolate bunnies or other candies that might have nuts.  Set up a boundary for an outdoor Easter egg hunt so kids are not wandering off or into places that aren’t safe or supervised.  For indoor egg hunts, do not hide near outlets, hard to reach areas, near glass or other breakables or dangerous spots.  Outdoors avoid wood piles, ground holes or unsafe and inaccessible areas. Give yourself extra time on the road when traveling.  Be Patient and use common sense.

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