By Maily O’Neil

During the festivals these 3 styling products will keep you looking great throughout the festivities-

  1. Sunscreen for hair- This protects all the UV rays from our hot desert sun. Scalp burns are the worst!
  2. Thermal Protector- We all know how many hair styles we can have so for your hot-styling tools (straighteners, blow-dryers, curlers, etc.) this will defend the heat from damaging the hair.
  3. Dry Shampoo- My Personal Favorite! This product will cleanse the hair- especially if you’re not going to wash it for a few days. Also it helps set the hair and reduces the oils in your scalp.


Coachella Look:

Semi color that is not permanent



You can accomplish this by using Joico Instant Spray Coloring


Braiding and Hair accessories are definitely a MUST HAVE


Lots and Lots of GLITTER


Stagecoach Look:

Braiding, hats, and Soft waves are the trends for this year’s Stagecoach

fest-hair-5 fest-hair-6