Palm Springs CA


Welcome to the site of Marilyn Monroe in Palm Springs CA, the 26-foot tall, 24,000 pound monumental sculpture with stainless steel and aluminum.

This dramatic sculpture is extremely realistic, especially in the skin tones. Her unique patina involves ten layers of hues with a matte finish, except for the glossy elements of her lips, toe nails and the pearlized glaze on her earrings.

A passion of detail and an uncanny realism of pose are qualities often associated with the works of sculptor Seward Johnson.

Well-known for recreating life in our times in vivid realism, with this series titled “Icons Revisited,” the artist explores in three dimensions why some visual images so captivate us that they become larger than life. These subjects outlive their own time periods and come to stand for something metaphoric and universal.

Welcome Home Marilyn!