by Mike Livingston; Host, The Clubhouse Radio Show

Johnny Football may be one of the best nicknames to come along in sometime… Can you remember a better one? It’s fitting. It pretty much sums up exactly what you’re going to get from the Texas A & M Quarterback and last Saturday night in New York, Johnny Manziel made history as the first freshman ever to win college football’s most prestigious award…..and he deserved it.
Some might say that the award should never go to a freshman as they have three more years to win the award but I disagree. I found 2012 refreshing in that I believe the award was meant for the best “Player in College Football” as is advertised. If that is the case, why is this the first time in almost fifteen years where a defensive player was named again as a finalist? Seeing these younger players being allowed to play and start at any earlier age allows them to perform at a higher level, earlier. Cause and effect and we’re seeing it all over. There are seemingly more and more high school quarterbacks these days starting as underclassman.
Seeing the Heisman ceremony and watching the reaction of Manziel’s parents, particularly his Father made an impact on me as well. I can only imagine the pride he felt although I think we all could imagine as we saw it overwhelming him, even as his nineteen year old son calmly took the mike and navigated through a speech as calmly as he had through the previously-believed Alabama defense, with timing and precision, showing composure and thanking everyone. I wonder what it will be like 7-10 years from now for my friend Scott when his son Carter is being handed one of these awards and Coach Rick and I are sitting in the audience trying to keep our composure? Oh well, we have a few years to practice….
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