By Jennifer Tan AKA Mrs. Fett

When you think of mobile gaming, usually a Sony PSP, or Nintendo DS come to mind. But lets face it, there are just some aspects of gaming, especially with FPS titles, you can’t get with a handheld gaming device. Luckily, Project Gaems, has created the ultimate travel companion for hardcore gamers everywhere. The Portable Gaming Environment.
Now, there are certain times in a gamers’ life where anticipation makes you want to jump out of your SKIN with excitement. Midnight Launches, and driving home with a package containing my Vanguard from Project Gaems, has to be in the top 5 to date.
The Vanguard has a pretty unique design. It’s as if they thought “lets create the most badass looking case, and then put a flat screen in it…” NAILED IT!! The screen is a 19″ HD 720p EL-LED display, with integrated stereo speakers, and two 3.5mm headphone jacks and lockable latches. Anyone who knows me well enough knows I do not FPS splitscreen under any circumstance, but the dual jacks will be awesome for Little Big Planet adventures, and of course my obsession for horror movies.
Lets talk about safety. The EVA foam base holds the Xbox 360, 360 Slim, PS3, and PS3 Slim, snugly, and securely. Now, this is not my first encounter with the Vanguard case, since there were plenty in the VIP Lounge at the Mad Catz Reveal. But, this is the first time I get to really test every aspect of it out, and I have to say, i’m impressed at how safe my R2D2 Slim feels. No sliding, no fear of overheating. It’s also TSA approved, so layovers are no longer a four letter word!
Customization has become a strong trend in the gaming world. From avatars, calling cards, and weapon skins, nothing is safe from a sticker or clan tag. And the Vanguard is no different. Thanks to Decal Girl, you can choose from an array of amazing artwork, or use the design studio to create your own!
Love Livestreaming? great, me too! luckily the Elgato HD PVR snuggles right on the side, allowing you to continue sharing those epic trick shots!
So lets recap. 7” HDMI for crystal clear gaming, integrated speakers, and two 3.5mm jacks to share the wealth when watching movies, and complete customization just to rub it in a little more when busting out your Vanguard in public.