By Denise Ortuno Neil

With summertime coming to a close, Labor Day weekend provides the grand party finale. And what better way to celebrate then at the first annual Acoustic Palooza hosted by one of the desert’s most popular radio stations, 100.5 FM.

The acoustic (think MTV Unplugged) music event will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Palm Springs on Sunday, August 31st at 6pm until….who knows. Headlining the evening will be Early Morning Rebel, Andy Grammar and Jacquie Lee from The Voice. The MC’s will be star DJ’s from 100.5 including Mozingo, TK and Bradley Ryan.

What makes the event extra special is that local music acts are invited to try out to be part of the concert. 21 local musicians have submitted videos now posted on 100.5’s website where the public can vote for them to be in the concert. The top desert acts that are vying for the opportunity to play in the event include Caxton, Michael Keeth, Lisa Lynn Morgan, Pictures From Eden, Cory Christensen, Wicked JED, James Frey, Fanny and the Atta Boys, Everett Erickson and Danielle King, The BrosQuitos, Beau Howitt, Gram Rabbit, Anthony Lucas, Alex Antonio, Cat Pedersen, Larry Pedersen, Greg Vincent, Tyler Pendleton, Colin O’Grady, Plug n’ Play and Alyssa Beth.


The contestants must audition acoustic style, without any aid from electrical amplifiers. It is pure in sound….and truly highlights the musicians talent. The public is invited to vote for who they want to see go to the concert. Only three of the local acts with the most votes will end up participating. The acts will have the privilege of playing in the event alongside the famous headliners. To vote, just go to . The deadline to get your vote in is Friday, August 22. The winners will be announced on Monday August 25th in morning with Bradley Ryan.

Ryan has been a DJ with 100.5 for almost a decade and is elated about the concert, “I’m excited to be bringing some live rock music to the Hard Rock Hotel,” said Ryan.

The concert will be held in the downstairs venue in the hotel right after their weekend pool party, perfect for after sun fun. Acoustic Palooza is a FREE event, and a wonderful way to close out the 2014desert summer season, while celebrating local artists as well as the talented headliners…..all done acoustic style.

View the Submitted Videos at