By Jennifer Tan aka Mrs. Fett

The 10th installment of the Call Of Duty franchise is scheduled to hit this November with Call Of Duty: Ghosts. During the Xbox One press release, Activision and Infinity Ward dropped the Modern Warfare title, and brought us something completely new. The game takes place here in the United States, after a mass devastation hits our Military, and government. The game will feature an all new story, and cast, most noteable, the addition of a German Shepard, that becomes an emotionally bonded part of your campaign.
There have been dogs in the past, both in game, and multiplayer, but not to this extent. Infinity Ward has gone above and beyond to really make you rely on your new K-9 companion, although there is no certainty as to whether or not the dog makes it through the entire campaign. Wishful thinking has left everyone with the hope that you will be able to play AS your new four-legged brother-in-arms, but there has been no clarification to the rumor at this time.
The game packed a punch with crisp environments, greatly improved anatomical features, including the face, arms, skin and lighting. Using a Next-Gen engine for graphics and design, Activision promises to deliver a much needed more subversive atmosphere for their 10th anniversary game as well.
Multiplayer, a main selling point for the franchise, will feature an interactive environment, including the ability to open and close doors to affect game play patterns or “the river”, and interactive booby traps allowing you to catch your enemy players off guard. After some roaring from avid CoD players throughout the years, key features to your movement have also been added, including leaning (my favorite addition so far), sliding, and a more fluid movement when jumping over walls or obstacles.
With every large title release, pre-ordering is a must! While Target and Walmart both let you pre-order for just a dollar, I would recommend popping in to your local GameStop. Not only do you get a double sided poster, but you get an exclusive weapon camo, which makes that final killcam, just a tad more enjoyable. Midnight Launch events will take place, but will not be promoted until later this year.
The title is set to release November 5, on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game will most likely be re-released after the next-gen consoles, Xbox One, and PS4 are released in 2014.