The daily grind of life can debilitate you or get on your nerves. Come on we are human and need reprieve once in a while. Whether you punch a time clock or work for yourself, life moves rapidly. Therefore, pamper yourself every so often. Most of us work more than we play. Take an adult recess and do what makes you happy. Work can wait and your family will be fine without you for a few hours or a couple of days.

Rewarding yourself can be a great elixir to recharge your batteries. When one takes a break from their regular routine it can be rejuvenating. It is likely you will be happier and more productive in your business and personal life if you stop and take a time-out. Partaking in an activity for yourself can be as simple as sipping a cup of coffee alone or taking a trip. Naturally we must be conservative in our judgment and not overindulge. Moderation is key. It is all about doing the little things that make you happy.

Whatever sets your mind free, take time and do it. Here are 10 helpful tips to enhance your mood and create less stress in your life.

(1) Treat yourself to a massage. Receiving a massage is an excellent stress reliever. The human touch in itself is comforting. A massage releases tension and toxins from the body.
(2) Ladies, treat your self to a manicure and/or pedicure. You will feel and look great. Beautiful hands and toes can also boost your confidence.
(3) Take a walk. As simple as this may seem it is gratifying. Taking a walk in the park can pacify your mind and help you think clearly.
(4) Gentlemen pack your camping gear and take off for a couple days. A trip into the wilderness can help you relax and commune with nature.
(5) Take in a movie at home or the theater. Sometimes we just need a break from reality. Suggestion: Watch a movie or program that makes you smile. Keep clear from anything negative.
(6) Take up a new or previous hobby. Commit to enjoying your hobby at least 3-5 hours a month.
(7) Journaling can set your mind at ease and bring clarity. When we see our thoughts on paper our dreams/goals can become a reality.
(8) Enjoy the outdoors. Pack your lunch and enjoy under a tree.
(9) Play chef. Cook up a long awaited dish you have been craving.
(10)Purchase a bouquet of flowers for yourself. The beauty and aroma while working at your desk can be sensuous.


Keep in mind you are not being selfish by pampering yourself every so often. Better yet you are keeping life into perspective. Your life’s journey will be prosperous and less stressed if you take time to smell the roses.

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