@ 1st Annual Gregory Isaacs Reggae Fest Saturday, October 20, 6 pm – 1 am, Indio Fair Grounds

By Lisa Morgan
Tribe-O, a musically articulate and talented band of seven, delivers a pronounced reggae sound masterfully blended with roots, dancehall, jazz and pop flavors, that offers more than music to move to, but a message to live by. Tribe-O consists of Siah “S1” Nix, lead vocalist and percussion; Ann “Lady Law” Nix, lead and background vocals; Andre “Young Rooster” Brown, drums, percussion and saxophone; Mike Gardner “Mike G!” on bass; Ivan C. “Dread I” on lead keyboards, background vocals and melodica; Rick Rodriguez “Ricksterfari” on lead guitar; and Danny Cedona on keyboards.
The sweet vocals of Ann “Lady Law” Nix and Ivan C. “Dread I” bring an almost contemporary pop influence that combined with the deep rustic, song-speak style of lead singer Siah “S1” Nix, creates a unique and intriguing mix that is instantly likeable and truly fresh whether you are a reggae regular or visitor. The fusion of these individual players from varied backgrounds and influences provides a constant flux of genre influences over the undeniable upbeat, reggae foundation and consistently treats the listener to music that dances on the ears and senses, making it easy to listen to over and over. It is virtually impossible to not be infused with the positive vibe that is their mission to deliver.
Tribe-O hopes to cross international borders much as the music of the late, great and hugely influential Bob Marley who reached beyond the borders of Jamaica with more than a musical genre, but with an affirmative, spiritual “One Love” ideal of living. “Unity through music” is Tribe-O’s mission. “We believe the positive outweighs the negative! The way to the heart is love and the way to the soul is peace.” Tribe-O songs speak to joy and pain, human struggles, racism, equal rights, and many other social issues of today. Tribe-O hopes their music will enlighten the youth of today and “take the wool from their eyes” with songs like Snakes in the Grass wherein they warn, “Beware of da snakes, dem lie in wait! Da path you take is the life you make.” What may appear as lofty ideals to some is a way of life to the members of this band. “What you see on stage is what you get,” states Siah, who currently works as the director of the Boys and Girls Club here in the Coachella Valley. As you listen to their music, it becomes obvious that this is not a band that plays reggae music. This is a band that IS reggae music.
Tribe-O has had the great honor to play alongside reggae legend, Gregory Isaacs several times including Isaacs last appearance here in the desert three months prior to his death. Siah describes the reggae icon as a “humble, great man who was down to earth and touchable, who loved to laugh and talk with people.” Siah remembers seeing him perform that last time, recognizing his frailty and realizing that they would not see him again. It is only fitting that they join the infamous fellow reggae artists, Third World, in JAA Entertainment’s first annual Gregory Isaac Reggae Fest, Saturday, October 20th at the Riverside County Fairground’s Fullenwinder Hall, in Indio.
Other artists scheduled to perform in the festival are Mr. Cool, Sol Rising, Come Unity, Better Chemistry and local band The F-13. Tickets to the event are available for $35 pre-sale at Joe’s Sushi locations or call (760) 200-0250. Tickets will be available the day of the event for $45. Make sure you get your ticket from genuine ticket distributors as counterfeits will be scanned and denied entry at the door.
For Tribe-O tour and booking information or to listen to their music, visit them on Facebook or go to their website http://tribe-o.com/about-us/


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