By Nadia Popova

As a Golf Professional for 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work with golfers of all ages. I started teaching golf fitness when I noticed simply directing students to swing a certain way was not always effective. I began to study the biomechanics of the golf swing and the necessary moves a golfer needs to make for a less resistant and injury free swing. To be a more consistent and injury resistant golfer, you must first understand the connection between the golf swing and one’s physical limitations. There are an unlimited number of ways to swing. The key is to find what a golfer can and can’t physically do.

A golfer’s resources are 2nd to none.  If a golfer wanted to improves his or her game, that golfer would have the opportunity to search Instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, the Golf Channel, the driving range, launch monitors, video, local pros, club fitters, and/or personal trainers.  I think perhaps, the Golf industry and community may have over saturated the market for such resources.  I believe that we need to spend our time looking more closely at the raw material.  The question should be, What CAN you do? And not what do you want to do?  If there is an unlimited way to swing the club, then there must be an unlimited way to shoot lower scores.  If this is the case, all we need to do is find what you CAN Do without pain or compensation, and this is how we can become a more consistent Golfer.

Golf requires many movement patterns that the human body isn’t necessary designed to do.  I believe that this is where the mental side of the game becomes so overwhelming.   Let’s use a simple task like walking as an example, walking is a very thoughtless and natural activity for most.  Now, try to walk without letting your right toe and your left heal touch the ground.  Attempting to change something simple like walking requires a lot of mental focus.  Now, imagine making significant changes in your Golf Swing and the mental focus that it requires.   Extended practice on the driving range may only be giving us more thoughts and frustration.  The Golf Swing requires complex movement patterns, balance demands, and mobility demands.  After diagnosing personal movement patterns, balance, and flexibility, you will find out that your swing is completely dictated by your bodies’ make up.  If you see someone you know walking from a long distance, you could probably point out exactly who that individual is based on theirmovement/walking pattern.  In many cases, the same is true for one’s Golf Swing.


The only way to really change a walking pattern or a Golf Swing is through a foundational and fundamental standpoint.

Kick out all of those unnecessary swing thoughts and just change the way your body moves with a little bit of exercise.  Your body, mind, and golf game will thank you.

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