The beauty and richness of the classic song, Amazing Grace, is endearing and iconic to me.  Countless renditions of the song have been performed.  It never seems to fail that my eyes well up with tears and my heart sinks every time my ears consume this song.  Add bagpipes and you might as well bring on the Kleenex.  No matter your religious affiliation, most people are familiar with the song Amazing Grace.

The Christian hymn was written by an English poet and clergyman, John Newton and published in 1779.  According to Wikipedia, the song is about forgiveness and redemption.  Possible regardless of sins committed and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God.   “Amazing Grace” is one of the most recognizable songs in the English-speaking world.  It is also believed that all or most people can identify with the song. 

Grace means, unmerited, unearned, or undeserved favor.  As we reflect on our lives there may have been a time or two, possibly more where you have received grace.  Ponder a positive experience in your life that you could hardly believe happened to or for you.  Likely it was grace. Often upon my personal reflections I can attest I have received grace numerous times in my life.  Through grace I have learned many of lessons.  Reflect upon yours and you may find some hidden treasures within yourself. 


Grace has religious ties.  However, regardless of your beliefs you can be and live in grace.  How can you share?  Be gracious in your ways.  Be truthful and understanding.  Be patient.  Be gracious with your time to help others.  Accept grace.  Grace is offered and at your fingertips each day.  Grasp it and be accepting to all the possibilities that come with opening your heart and mind. 

Bookshelves are replete with books about grace.  Naturally the Bible will have all you need to learn, know or understand about grace.  Desiring a deeper connection or understanding of self is always a challenge. Search and desire to know more about you.  This will sure to be a healthy conquest. 

Grace is not earned.  Grace is always accessible.  We can thrive in grace.  Be gracious.