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Despite the Northern Hemisphere being shrouded in cold, damp, snow, blustery and blizzard conditions, we the new natives of the Coachella Valley are already experiencing spring and summer weather. It’s a trifle difficult to believe that a mere two months ago [for those of us who do have fireplaces], experienced but a flicker of their warmth and toastiness.


The Coachella Valley is pampered by the sun’s nourishing rays year-round, which is why many of our locals, more so, those who have the not-so-fortunate pleasure in dwelling on the Edison Electric side of the valley’s power lines, opt to install solar panels.

Solar has been a hot topic ever since its inception. At first, the nouveau idea was interpreted as a “fringe” concept and not one mainstream consumed like ice cream on a hot summer’s day. But then people saw how much money they were able to save on energy bills if they installed solar panels and the rest was history. Until now.

Whenever a good idea, and especially one that involves some sky-high financial return, enters the public realm [typically companies with deep pockets] step in and seize the opportunity to capitalize. This is precisely what is going to happen in the world of California solar power this April 2023, when the government treads their work boots a little deeper into the backs of its citizens.

It is remarkable how humans, overtime, have crafted the ability to place a price tag on naturally occurring elements that are a-given to the world we live in. The advocate of the “dark side” would argue, “We set up the mechanics and delivery system to harness the sun, so why shouldn’t we reap all its financial benefits”.

There is no shortage of solar energy companies. Let’s take a moment and share a small list of just a handful of them here in the Coachella Valley: The Power of Light, Catching The Sun, Daylight Energy, Sun Bathe, Solar Flares, Hot Power (we made all these up, but you get the gist). Solar Companies have most assuredly capitalized on the solar trend upon its inception and have experienced all its benefits since. Solar companies wield the power to plant solar panels upon your rooftops and save you money – so some have been led to believe. Or at least until April 2023.

SOLAR PANEL DOCTORS is a company whose bedside manners are unequivocally a cut above the rest. Solar Panel Doctors believes in delivering the highest quality solar panel installations (that allows you to build your solar panel array without exuberant sales fees), solar panel re-installation, maintenance, and other solar panel services the Coachella Valley has to offer. Bar none.

Solar Panel Doctors would like to inform our Coachella Valley residents about what will arise April 15th, 2023, and we’re not referencing taxes. Although, it is highly ironic that the news we are about to deliver will rise on Tax Day.

For those not familiar, NEM stands for Net Energy Metering. NEM is a solar program established by the U.S. government to assist solar clients in reducing their monthly electricity bills. They do this by utilizing the energy generated from private residences (that’s your rooftop solar energy systems).

Currently, California solar panel owners operate under the NEM 2.0 system. However, as of April 15th, 2023, all NEW solar panel owners will be subject to the rules, rates and regulations of government established, NEM 3.0.

What does this mean for current and or prospect solar panel owners?

THE CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (CPUC) unanimously voted and approved NEM 3.0 electricity export rates (This is the power you do not use when collecting solar energy via your solar panels that gets sent back to your utility company, which in-turn produce your solar energy credits).

The NEM 3.0 rate will go down from the average of $0.30 per/kwh to $0.08/kwh. The grid access fee will now be $10.00 to $15.00/month flat rate for being interconnected. The good news for any new solar panel owner is that there is a 120-day grace period for homeowners to become grandfathered into NEM 2.0 – if they file for interconnection by or before April 15, 2023.

Translated: The financial benefits of having solar panels will significantly dimmish after A

If you are interested in harnessing the sun’s rays to produce electrical solar energy now would be the time to invest, and there is no better company to call than SOLAR PANEL DOCTORS 760.980.7431

If you or anyone you know is interested in making the switch to solar and would like solar panels installed before April 15, 2023, or would like your solar panels maintained by a company with integrity, get in touch with SOLAR PANEL DOCTORS today: 760.980.7431

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