Dear Jenny,

I have had a tough 2015.  Not only in dating, but pretty much in all areas of my life I have struggled with happiness.  I am physically and mentally exhausted.  Is there any advice that you can give me that will help to pull me out of this slump?

Thanks, Amanda


Hi Amanda and happy 2016!

I can almost hear your frustration and what sounds like a willingness to surrender, in your brief write in.  So this past year has been a tough one?  Sounds like you’ve gone through a lot of challenging, even exhausting situations.  It also sounds like there has been a lot of growth on your part.  You can’t overcome obstacles without learning from them.

May I suggest that we make 2016 the year that we choose to release negative emotions that no longer serve us. Can you imagine what life would be like if there was no fear?  Or, what if there was no need to be right?  Let’s make this a year of joy, of creativity, a year of dreaming bigger!

It is wonderful to think that we only choose what is inspired, what is heartfelt, over our fear.   But sadly, that’s not how things are.  Commonly, we have an easy time dwelling in negatives.  Why is it so much easier to believe in something tangible, something that is guaranteed, than it is to have faith in ourselves?   When we want to create something, we often come from a place of fear instead of a place of possibility.

A few things that I always remember and use to always keep me on the right track of having no fear are:

  • Everything that we are asked to deal with is either love or fear. Something that I try to do whenever I am in the “fear zone” is come from a place of love.  You cannot feel fear and love at the same time.  Focus on something you love, no matter what it may be.  Hold something you love or feel the love you feel for another.  However you do it, when you are in the love stage, fear has to disappear.
  • Always know that there is another way to look at things. When you are in fear, when you’re feeling sad or depressed with yourself, change the story. The story that is making you feel the way that you feel sounds pretty painful. It’s time to tell a new story!
  • Stay in the present moment; don’t think about the past or the future. When you’re fully present, all is the way it’s supposed to be, there is no room for fear.

We all have potential that we haven’t been able to see because of our limitations.  But once we go beyond our limitations and our fears, it is unbelievable what we can accomplish. Know that being authentically ourselves helps us to move past this. What makes it hard sometimes is we get comfortable honoring our small, limited selves.

Going through growth is a good thing, but please know, it can also be a very painful thing.  Growth is when we are no longer comfortable being comfortable.  Please consider the possibility that by you telling me that you are going through hard times and bouts of frustration and unhappiness, you are growing!  Please look at it that way, when you look at it as growing pains, it makes everything look brighter!

Please remember Amanda that fearful thoughts create experiences that contain fear.  But when we consciously decide to have thoughts based on love and compassion, our results are quite miraculous!

Always dwell in possibilities and always bask in your magnificence!

Let’s be fearless in 2016!

♥ Jenny

The inspired power within your can accomplish anything at any time. Let this be your time.

~Tama Kieves

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