By Kate Spates

Rob Costello, President of Home Instead Care Services in Palm Desert, announced his gratitude to Parkinson’s Resource Organization (PRO) with a surprise check for $4,500. As a new member of PRO’s Wellness Village, he has witnessed the incredible support the team at PRO provides to those who are caring for and living with Parkinson’s Disease.

We are so impressed with Rob’s passion to help others and make a difference in the community. Home Instead is a fairly new member of PRO’s Wellness Village which is a virtual, vetted, video-driven resource directory of service providers and products to improve quality of life for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers. “We are delighted to refer our constituents to them.” said Jo Rosen, Founder and President of PRO.

PRO will use these funds to help facilitate their Grief Group which is open to people with Parkinson’s, Caregivers and Friends of the Community. The groups are facilitated by End of Life Doula Glendon Geikie, MSW, IELDA, CGCS through an exploration of anticipatory grief and loss, especially the living loss of movement, partnership, independence, life plans, and eternal loss.


Home Instead provides personalized in-home care that can help people age in place safely with dignity and independence. They provide person-centered “home care” no matter where “home” is. From the family home to senior communities to rehab facilities and beyond, they are able to bring the care aging loved ones need to wherever they call home. For more information, visit:

Since 1990, Parkinson’s Resource Organization (PRO) has served countless people caring for and living with Parkinson’s disease, a disorder of the central nervous system which affects movement, often including tremors. Founder Jo Rosen was the adult child of a person living with Parkinson’s and later a spouse of a person with Parkinson’s. She was inspired to create an organization that would advocate for, educate and provide emotional support for caregivers of and people with Parkinson’s. Now known worldwide with an online Wellness Village providing resources for Legal, Insurance, Financial Planning, Caregiving and Care Management, Medical Professionals, Hospice and Science as well as support meetings, now Virtually throughout the world. They are “working so no one is isolated because of Parkinson’s” and working to find choices in creating ultimate quality of life. For more information, visit: