(Part 2 in a 2-part series)


In a recent article I shared about how to maintain a long-term Keto lifestyle. There’s so much controversy and confusing information that says Keto isn’t sustainable. I’ve been Keto for 3 ½ years now…and you can do it as well.  Here is a recap of the previous tips I shared in Part 1 in my Coachella Valley Weekly article on April 15, 2021 ( https://coachellavalleyweekly.com/how-long-should-i-do-ketocan-i-make-it-a-lifestyle/)

Weight loss is an important goal for most of us and Keto is the best way to lose weight and burn body fat.  Continual weight loss will keep you going but after that what’s next?

  • After you’ve lost the weight it’s crucial to find ways to stay motivated that inspire and sustain you beyond weight loss.
  • Take the time to learn about Keto and the Science behind it that allows you to maintain weight loss, have more energy and be in your best health ever.
  • Remember that with Keto you always have power over your health by simply changing your diet.
  • When you find Keto food substitutes for the foods you crave and love you can keep it Keto long-term.
  • Learn how to be a foodie and eat delicious keto foods and not miss a beat.

So, what are some more tips in Part 2 to make Keto your ongoing lifestyle?


Intermittent Fasting (IF).  This diet hack allows the body to have resting periods, it lowers our glucose and brings down insulin an expedites weight loss.  IF and keto work together hand in glove.  A very powerful combination, especially the longer you are Keto and simply aren’t as hungry.  It’s easy to do an overnight fast from your last meal of the day and then set a goal of 12 hours until your first meal of the day.   When you are ready, I challenge you to do this for a week. Then the following week build up in increments of 1 hour at a time until you are comfortable at 16 hours every day.  You may have coffee in the morning with up to 1 T of heavy cream, or it’s preferable to drink your coffee black.  This simple process will fast-track your keto when combined with 2 meals a day and no snacking in between.  When you aren’t snacking in between meals you are easily adding in more intermittent fasting.  Your body will come to love this as it slows down insulin, lowers glucose, lowers blood pressure and inflammation and leads to weight loss.  It’s a powerful tool I recommend to all my clients.

25 TOTAL grams of Carbs Per Day.  – Lower your carbs to 25 total carbs until you reach your weight loss goal. Why total carbs?  That goes against everything I see on Google or when I’m looking at Keto products.  Net carbs are used by marketers to sell you products (by deducting fiber and sugar alcohols)  when in reality those extra carbs add up and matter!  Keep it simple and effective by using total carbs to expedite your weight loss and maintain the benefit from pure therapeutic Keto.   Once you’ve reached your goal weight up your total carbs to between 30-40 carbs a day.

No snacking- I’m not talking about keeping it to a minimum.  I’m asking you to cut it out completely between meals.   This allows for intermittent fasting between meals.   Just remember every time you snack you raise insulin.  If you are constantly fueling your body, you can’t get into fat burning mode. And, it keeps inflammation high.

Dairy and alcohol.   The liver performs 400 different jobs in the body and having a healthy liver is important for hacking our metabolism. Restoring your liver function is one of the most important things you can do for overall health.  The liver will naturally cleanse itself without chemicals and toxic foods.   Take a break from alcohol as often as possible and let your liver rest.

Then there’s dairy.  This may seem daunting at first but try it a week at a time eliminating both alcohol and dairy until you work up to a two week.  Dairy causes inflammation and stall weight loss.   Here’s a great test.  Eliminate it for a minimum of two weeks.  Weigh yourself and have some dairy.  Weigh yourself the next day and if you are heavier, it’ not fat that’s showing on the scale, it’s water retention.  Removing dairy and alcohol have huge healthy benefits but are a tool to use for weight loss stalls at any point in your keto diet.

What to do after a cheat day. It happens to all of us.  As you’ve heard me say It may kick you out of ketosis…but don’t ever let a cheat day Kick you out of Keto. Jump right back on that horse as quickly as you can.   You may feel bad and have a carb hangover.  The cravings and hunger from carbs, the addiction comes back with a vengeance.  I’ve been there and my advice is to forgive yourself, learn from it and remember that keto is a lifestyle and how awesome you feel when eating Keto.   WE love food.  WE love the way we feel and look when we eat Keto.  It’s simply a decision to start over.

Every day you are eating Keto is a win. It may seem overwhelming, but each week as you accomplish your goals it gets easier and easier.  Take it a moment, a meal, a day, a week at a time.  And, then one fine day you will looking in the mirror and see a new you!  Baby steps work.  You will learn to eat real food, fix your broken metabolism and enjoy ever delicious bite.     Keto on my friends!

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