By Bronwyn Ison

Gently, I was reminded in the past week the importance of taking time for self.  More than likely you’re in the category of doing more for others than you ever do for yourself.  If others depend on you I can confidently presume you’re doing to much and not enough for you.  Would you be willing to take a time out for you?  Or, will making a date with self make you feel guilty?  Also, when do you rest?  If it’s only when you go to bed I have a few suggestions.

I’m a productive, single mother with two daughters and I own and operate two businesses. I’m on-the-go and it’s typically non-stop. I absolutely love being a mom and my profession excites me.  However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t need a little R & R every so often. 

Here’s how I relax and renew.  It may be how you relax as well or you could certainly give them a try.


For years, I wake up before anyone in the house and every morning I read a devotional.  I relish in this quiet time alone. The devotional allows me to mediate about my day as well as find peace and joy in the morning. It gives me that perfect encouraging boost that helps me remain motivated throughout my day. 

Yoga, hikes, walks and bike rides are also a go-to for relaxation.  Each exercise are calming.  Plus, all can be enjoyed outside. 

Reading a book or magazine may be something you don’t do often. Choosing what you would like to read rather than something you have to… can feel great.

A great way to wrap up your day… A warm Epsom Salt bath with a few candles and some relaxing music.  (This isn’t an every day occurrence) This may be a once in a while choice of relaxation.  An uninterrupted shower may be what’s in order for you to relax and renew.  Showers or baths can assist in bringing relaxation as well as clarity to your overall health.

Whatever you choose… be mindful to ask others to respect your space and privacy for the short amount of time you would like to relax.  Notice how all my modes of relaxation do not involve any electronics (except for the calming music).  Dismiss your devices as they are not a means to relaxation.

Enjoy your journey to relaxing and renewing.  Make it a priority. It will change your life.

Bronwyn Ison is the Owner of Evolve Yoga and 760-564-YOGA