By Sunny Simon

     When I want to convey an important message, I prefer doing it writing. Why? Because before I press that non-forgiving send button, I can edit away, again and again until the blank screen is filled with the perfect tone and concise statements. Reviewing each word, phrase and punctuation mark helps me get my point across exactly as I intended.

     Editing is an amazing tool not intended solely for adjusting words on a document. Why not  edit your life? There are parts of my life and probably yours that can be removed to make room for more meaningful activities.

     Let’s begin with people. Do you have friendships that are weighing you down? From time to time an individual appears on the horizon that is all take. Know anyone like that? Put bluntly, your fake friend is a narcissist. You find yourself dancing to the beat of their drum while your personal goals and priorities evaporate. You cannot have a healthy relationships with someone so self-involved, so exit out that person stage left and make room for more meaningful and balanced friendships.


     Think about editing the areas of your life where you make yourself nuts striving for perfection. Have the dinner parties you create become so complicated you find yourself stressing over each minute detail? If so, call yourself out on that.  We are not all meant to carry off an elaborate meal ala Martha Stewart. Relax and calm down. Forget trying to duplicate Gordon Ramsey’s signature Beef Wellington dish and grill up a mean hamburger. Your friends will be happy with a side of potato salad and your company.

     What else is nonessential in your life? Spending too much time on social media? That can be one mega time-suck. It’s fine to be social and connect with others on Facebook, but think about exercising some discipline. Give yourself a time limit. My rule is 15 minutes once per day. That should allow adequate time to send out birthday wishes and see what your old college roommate is up to.

     Are there things in your life taking up too much space? With me it was magazines. I love glossy pages of pictures and articles and succumbed to the habit of subscribing to numerous publications. Edit out your overconsumption.

     This week take a bird’s-eye view of your life. Decide what to keep and then let go of the unnecessary time wasters. I promise, with careful editing you’ll end up with an uncomplicated life that brings you more joy and peace.  Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at