San Marino, CA


For more than a century, the historic Japanese Garden has been one of the most beloved and iconic landscapes at The Huntington, with its distinctive moon bridge, picture-postcard views of koi-filled ponds, and the historic Japanese House. Since the institution opened to the public in 1919, the Japanese Garden has attracted more than 20 million visitors and remains a site of both fascination and contemplation.

You will also be able to visit:

Japanese House 


Ceremonial Teahouse

Bonsai Collection and Zen Court

Centennial Renovation

In 2011, a team of architects with backgrounds in historic renovation, plus horticulturists, landscape architects, engineers, and Japanese craftsmen undertook a yearlong, large-scale restoration of the historic core of the garden. The project included repairs to the central pond system and water infrastructure, along with increasing pathway accessibility and renovating the original faux bois (false wood) ornamental trellises.

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Hours and Admission

Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m. every day but Tuesdays (closed).
Capacity limited daily.

Weekend Reservations Required – No Walk-Ins
Reservations strongly recommended for weekdays.

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