Dear Jenny,

I am recently divorced and am moving out on my own.  It is the first time I have lived alone since college.  I plan on getting rid of lots of old furniture and some old pieces of art that hold bad memories for me.  People keep mentioning that I need to make sure I am free of clutter.  Can you please expand on that for me?  My new place is clean and will not have too much furniture, how else can I make sure that it is free of clutter? 

Thanks, Stella

Hi Stella,

Congratulations on your future endeavor.  So wonderful of you to write in and see exactly what clutter is, so you can make sure you don’t fall into ‘being trapped in your clutter!’

The reason that things are labeled as clutter is because the way your home looks reflects your personality.  Simply put, if it is disorganized the way you run your life will be similar!  Clutter can be anywhere, in your attic, bedroom, basement, really, in any corridor!

I will start with the easy way to clear clutter, whatever is categorized as junk, should be tossed out.  What do you assess as junk?  Well, that could be difficult so here are some great questions to ask yourself. 

  • If it is broken and cannot be fixed
  • You dislike it every time you look at it
  • It was an unwanted present
  • It’s out of style or just doesn’t fit
  • You don’t like using it or the thoughts it brings when you do
  • It does no good by being there, near you

There are certain areas in your home that are known as energy traps and that is where clutter can gather.  Listed below are some examples.

  • Clothes: when our closets and drawers are bulging with clothes, that’s when it can be an energy trap. Most of us only wear 20% of our clothes regularly. 
  • Tops of closets: bedding, towels and boxes that may be towering on bureaus, can affect our sleep
  • Under the bed: It is tempting to store things under the bed. But if you do, they will create an energy blockage.  It left clear and open, so the energy can flow. 
  • Bathroom counters: Make sure that you keep the cosmetics off of the counter tops. Virtually empty lotion and perfume bottles should be thrown out.  Only fresh products that you use regularly should be left out. 

Ways to identify and clear clutter!

  • Clutter clearing is a powerful process that brings startling changes to your life.
  • In cluttered areas of your home, chi (energy) stagnates, and once this stale energy has accumulated, it will grow even more.
  • Avoiding a drastic clear-out can stem from a fear of the future.
  • Your home is supposed to mirror your inner self; mess and inactivity reflect something that is going on inside you!
  • Your chaos can make your feel lethargic and confused about what you want in life.
  • As soon as you begin getting rid of your junk hoard, you will feel spiritually and physically liberated, you will have opened the door to wonderful new opportunities.

NOTE: Don’t add crystals and other Feng Shui enhancements until you have tackled your clutter, because they just won’t work!

Thanks and keep it clean!

– ❤  Namaste, Jenny

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