By George Duchannes

ILLXVGLX$ COLLECTIVE (illegals collective) is a new wave of artists coming together to put on genuine and organic events. The collective’s mission is to not only invite the community to come out and witness, but to attract like-minded creatives to be a part of the movement. J Patron: “Puro Oro Records is my record label/publishing and that is what I throw these parties under, with myself, Thr3 Strykes, Luthergates, Philly Mills, Million & Albertini, Cali Elijah, the list goes on. There are a few members. We are putting together a collective and we are going by THE ILLXVGLX$. We played shows together and just had chemistry so we started making music and that’s sort of how this new collective was formed. The cool thing is we all have our own thing going on and we all have different genres of music, but still vibe. So when I throw these Puro Oro Parties and we all come together we get a big response because of the unity and people that come to our shows aren’t just people that come to our shows. They are a part of the “squad” and the collective, they jump on stage they sing along with us and we encourage people to let their guard down and just have a good time. Less rules, it’s a lot more fun that way.”

The last event at Bart Lounge this past weekend November 18, had performances by Rossi Rock, J Patron, Luthergates, Thr3 Strykes, Philly Mills, Cali Elijah, Lootenant, Million & Albertini with DJ AMAVIDA, The Bermuda, Porsia Camille, and Ba5e Hundred. Expect to see some of these artists at the next event along with an open mic session from 9:00PM – 10:00PM. The next event will be held at The Red Barn in Palm Desert December 30th 9PM – 2AM. Come join the movement.

(Photos By George Duchannes)