By Elizabeth Scarcella

Denise DuBarry-Hay, actress, business owner, film producer and philanthropist, learned to use her creativity and ingenuity from an early age. Born a Pisces, she has become very adept at “swimming in different directions” while still keeping her many projects flowing downstream.

Denise’s latest accomplishment is the creation and ownership of the first vegan, gluten free, paleo, raw waiter service restaurant in Palm Desert, California, called Wildest Greens. Denise admits that she never dreamt of adding “restaurateur” to her curriculum vitae, however, since she loves seeing her ideas come to fruition…and tends to approach life like a boa constrictor; chewing and swallowing one bite at a time. She believes she can manage any project that is thrown into her pen. Wildest Greens is located at 72990 El Paseo, Palm Desert, California, in the same plaza as J Russell Hair Salon.

When Denise is not busy planning menus and working side by side with her staff at Wildest Greens, you can find her at Bikram Yoga Plus. Being a yogi since 1979, she became a yoga studio owner in Malibu, CA before moving to the Coachella Valley. This Palm Desert studio is the second yoga studio she has owned and offers many types of yoga, as well as Pilates. She loves the meditative nature of yoga, deeply understanding that yoga provides a healthy escape from the stresses of her daily life. If you, too, want to unwind, check out Bikram Yoga Plus at


Having earned many awards in her lifetime, including our very own, CV Weekly Top 10 Most Interesting and Influential Women of 2018, Denise prides herself in being community driven. She explains in our interview, featured on You Tube,, that her community is a necessary ingredient in how she has become so successful. Keeping a stellar reputation through good follow up, avoiding gossip and being positive and upbeat, is what attracts others to help. She says helping others is an amazing way to contribute to someone else’s success. Doing her best to create a win-win situation is what keeps her moving forward.

Denise certainly demonstrates how to have the strength to bring fantasies into fruition. She states that without creativity, ingenuity, discipline and positive attitude her actualizations would only be dreams, kept to herself, instead of being enjoyed by the World.

Throughout her life, Denise chose to Awaken to her Best Self…and keeps growing! I can’t wait to see what she “bites” into next.

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Until then…I hope you choose to Awaken to Your Best Self Yet!

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Denise DuBarry-Hay is a seeker of new adventures, a community driven business owner and philanthropist, more info about her can be found at