Yes, there is a mindset to doing the Keto diet and it’s not a one-size fits all for everyone.  We are all different and Keto requires customization.  Mindset, however, is not negotiable because it’s such a vital component that is directly tied to your success, results and ability to make it a sustainable way of life. Keto is more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.  

If I were coaching you, before we’d review any Keto food lists, eating plans, basic do’s and don’ts, common mistakes, etc.   During our very first session I’d ask you to “Tell me your rules” and we’d spend as much time as needed on that one topic. What do I mean by that?   We’d look at what foods you crave, what foods you can’t live without, your expectations, goals and desires that you want Keto to provide and much more.

Why?  You can have the perfect Keto plan mapped out, all the right foods in your house, an app to track your food, macros dialed in, etc.  but without the right mindset it won’t do you any good.


Breaking Down Mindset

What is mindset? It’s taking a deeper dive into your commitment, your motivation, your relationship with food, your why and…. your why now.  Once you really understand yourself, you can be free of the control food has held on you for a very long time.   You’ll discover the niggling little thoughts that might be sabotaging you. You’ll understand your behaviors around food.  Ultimately, though, you’ll be given a fresh start.   Knowing your mindset and finding your inner strength around food, will keep you circling back to your commitment to Keto when times are tough.  It won’t matter if there are carbs tempting you at every turn or you just want some of Grandma’s special cookies!   You won’t cave.

Jumping in Too Fast

Don’t make the mistake so many people do and jump into Keto headfirst and go from 0 to 100 mph then crash and burn and wonder why.  Take the time upfront to look at your mindset and the strong emotional component you have surrounding food.  We all have it. There is a reason it’s called “comfort food” because we associate food with good times in our closest relationships of loved ones, family, parties and most social gatherings. 

Surrender to Keto

You almost have to go into Keto saying this is the last diet I’m going to try and with the full intention of sticking with it no matter what.   You truly believe you’ve given enough time, energy and money to yo-yo dieting.  You accept that you’ve tried every diet including the “diet of the week” and that they didn’t work.  These other diets took their toll on us emotionally to the point we can’t take another diet failure.   You’ve discovered what your mindset was at the time and why they didn’t work.

 So, part of your new mindset is acceptance and surrender to being sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Framed with this new reference around food and mindset something inevitably clicks, and you’ll emphatically declare, “I just can’t live this way anymore”.  It’s in that moment we go forward… your health becomes your top priority and you are well on your way to fully embrace Keto.

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