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International Rock and Roll defines the newly 18 year old Jackson Cook (www.JacksonCook.com). Jackson initiated his own art of performance by having the courage to simply pick up a guitar less than five years ago.

Armed with a personal commitment to making real Rock and Roll, Jackson began to invest his life and time in seeking out opportunities to learn the skills that lead to a longstanding, self sustaining career. This self educated young man has not had the luxury of professional music education, and continues to succeed, showing us that if you want something bad enough you will find the answers that will lead you to your goal.

Cook has lived in our desert for the past two years, and has wasted no time, laying down a new album featuring the release of his song, “Spoiled little rich kids”. He says that his experience of our beloved “desert rock” genre has influenced his music positively.


Jackson is enjoying working with famous promotion companies like the east coast Tank Top Media Promotion Company he met at the A.S.C.A.P. expo, in April of this year. Beginning at the end of July, a photo and promotion of Jackson and his music will be advertised on the JumboTron in Time Square, New York City! Keep an eye out for this promotion as it will be seen through national access media.

Jackson acknowledges the dynamics of becoming a public figure, especially in Rock and Roll. He believes that true success comes with responsibility. Through this Jackson has actively accepted his role as a model for the communities that his music has the opportunity to reach. “You have to be aware of the energy you’re promoting,” Cook says.

We are lucky to welcome Jackson into his newly found home here in the Coachella Valley and we are looking forward to a year full of public benefit opportunity provided by Jackson Cook and the Regulators, a band of young guns who will be performing a SELMA Lunchtime Concert Tour that has been created especially for our Coachella Valley High Schools.

Raising awareness on social justice has always inspired Jackson, and in turn he expresses his hopes to inspire you, the Coachella Valley community to regulate against activities like bullying. You can join Jackson Cook and the Regulators on their self titled facebook for updates and promotion specials from the crew.

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