By Scott Pam

Many people have goals and plans. Some take action to make them reality. After celebrating the two year anniversary as the owner of Plan B, Jeannette Krehbiel is realizing her dream of having a class act venue for the music scene.

Plan B, located in Thousand Palms, sits in a non- descript building that hides the true size of the bar and venue for bands. Once inside, Plan B sports pool tables for play and tournaments, a stage with a dance floor and a large bar. Though there are challenges as that venue is on the north side of the freeway, Krehbiel works hard to bring in bands that are just starting out as well as those that have a following.

Krehbiel wanted to have a great local bar that could host various bands. About two years ago, that dream started to come together. “I was offered a rocking deal on a liquor license and had 120 days to close the deal,” she said.


Born in Southern California, Krehbiel and her family moved to Oregon and has been on her own since the 10th grade. She moved back to Southern California in 1985. After many years of being in the restaurant and bar business and then moving to advertising sales for just over 8 years, she realized that she wanted to have a place that she could grow into a successful venue for music and drinks.

Every week Plan B hosts musical bands from different genres. “We have classic rock, Hip Hop & Rap, Metal, Original Rock and Country,” said Krehbiel. “It’s a great local bar for music and people.” Krehbiel, says that her future plans are, “to continue to grow the audience and put the bar on the map. I don’t turn away a band.”

On Friday nights Plan B hosts karaoke, where anyone can get up and sing and play rock star. In December, karaoke will also be on Wednesdays. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Plan B hosts three different Pool Leagues.

During the month of December, her 23 year old son will be joining her and making it a family business. Single but taken, Jeannette has raised two sons. Her younger son also works when he is available. Facing a few challenges from Down’s Syndrome, he works with Jeannette handling some of the bar back responsibilities. “The people just love him,” she shared.

Like most business owners, Jeannette rarely has time for hobbies but realizes she needs time away from the business. “I like bowling and working in my garden, but mostly I have my friends over for dinner and afterwards we sit around the fire pit and chat.”

Some facts that Krehbiel has never told anyone: she was the first female Student Body President at Grove Gate Elementary school in Covina, CA. and admits she is a terrible cook and at one time, she wanted to be an elementary school teacher.

Plan B serves a small menu for snacking that is perfect for the late night band fans and for the locals who like to come in after they finish their shifts at the area hotels. Plan B is open until 11:00 P.M. weeknights and keeps the music going until 2:00 A.M. when the bands play on weekends.

Plan B
(760) 343-2115
32025 Monterey Avenue, Thousand Palm CA

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