By Lola Rossi-Meza

Originally from Westchester, California, right near the Los Angeles Airport, Carrie Lennon-Wilson grew up in a somewhat musical family, being cousin to the famous Lennon Sisters. “I took Dance Production and was more of a dancer than a singer in High School. In my senior year, a friend told me that I had a really nice voice. So, we put together an all girl group, but nothing really became of it, no lucky break, but we had fun.” She worked in a Disco band for a short time and would sing in many karaoke contests whenever possible.

In 1992, she was chosen as Miss Congeniality in the Miss Culver City Pageant. After that, her professions were all in the hospitality field. She worked as a waitress, in women’s clothing stores and in several doctor’s offices, however, music has always been her passion. She moved to the desert in 1998.

“I met Patrick Mahon at one of the Casinos while he was performing with Michael James. Michael’s guitar amp blew-out and he came up to me and asked me to come on the stage and sing while he fixed the problem. I sang quite a few songs with the band and later Pat told me about his band The Arrangements and said he would love for me to be the singer. I was very excited about it.”


Prior to this encounter, she always thought about starting a band, but felt she was too shy and never pursued it. “I didn’t really play an instrument or know the keys I sang in.” However, she knew she would love it and being a lead singer in a band was always a dream of hers. Band members include: Mahon on guitar, Mike Gustin on drums and Phil Franklin on bass. Their FaceBook page, The Arrangements, has a lot of information on the band.

Lennon-Wilson currently works as a hair stylist at Sherry Mesa The Salon for the past three years. She loves riding horses, a hobby she enjoyed ever since childhood. She and Mahon perform every other weekend at Roc’s Firehouse in Palm Desert. As a band, they will be performing at the Tack Room on Saturday, November 23.

“I have been told to audition for The Voice or X-Factor, but who knows what the future holds. I just know that I will be happy with whatever comes my way. I am very blessed to have met my husband.” She recently married golf pro Joshua Wilson and they are due to have their first child together in April of 2014. She has two children from a previous marriage, her son Jake is 17 and graduating high school this year. Her daughter Kylee is 11. “She sings and dances all over the house, I think she will eventually be in the entertainment field.”

She has a very good attitude about life and where she is in her life. “I am a very blessed woman. I have an amazing husband, I have healthy kids, I am doing both of the things I like the most; singing in a band and doing hair. I am very happy.”

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