By Lola Rossi-Meza

Born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado with one brother, Kymm Galvan remembers listening to a wide variety of music ever since she was a child. “My Mother always encouraged me to sing and play instruments. She listened to Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones; my Father listened to Rockabilly; my Grand Parents loved Blue Grass and the Grand Old Opry; and I played classical music on the violin, flute and viola in elementary school. I started singing at the age of four and my Mother would enter me in talent shows.”

In elementary school she sang in choir and played in the orchestra. “Then, I went to high school and discovered boys,” Galvan said laughing. “I still sang in the choir and my Mother bought me a bass guitar.” She moved to California in 1982. “I wanted to be the next Pat Benatar because everyone told me I looked like her in high school.” Instead, she married and gave birth to her first child and put her music aspirations on hold for many years.

She moved to the Desert in 1992 and had a day care for six years. “I changed more diapers than I can count and probably helped raise over 450 kids during that time. It is trippy seeing all the kids grown up now.” By 1998, she was the mother of four children, Jerryn, Krystian, who is autistic, Eddie and Erica.


She decided to attend COD. “I took a photography class, a theatrical make-up class and became involved in musical theater and later production design.” She has been involved with over 40 productions and is proud to have seven Desert Theater League Nominations for Best Make-Up Design, Best Costume Design and Best Supporting Actress.

Challenges before her were more than some could handle. Her only brother, Keven, was stricken with multiple sclerosis and later leukemia and passed away in April of 2007. “The most difficult part was knowing that my Mother was so devastated by his illness and later that year in October, she had a stroke.” Being a very caring daughter, she brought her Mother to the Desert to live with her.

In 2008, she performed, co-wrote the script and co-produced the musical soundtrack for the Arabian Nights Pageant for the Indio Date Festival. “The night before dress rehearsal, my daughter called and told me my Mother passed away. I feel like it was a blessing in disguise, because if I had to sit at home, during that time, it would have devastated me. My heart was broken, but I had to do the show.”

She started a Rockabilly band, Red Queen and The Knaves and is currently working on an Original CD project in addition to performing with her cover band, Alyce Bowie. She just finished being part of the Brad Mercer Indi film, “Sushi Anyone?”

“The coolest thing ever is performing and collaborating with my son Jerryn, an amazing bassist and guitar player. Hearing the words, ‘Mom, what do you think of this bass line?’ or ‘Help me with the chorus!’ is very rewarding. I thank God for my kids. They are my life and keep me centered.”

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