By Angela Romeo

There is no doubt Vladimir Cora loves women. Vladimir readily acknowledges his love of the female figure. For over 40 years Cora’s work has been exhibited and his love of color and women cannot be denied.

Color is key to the sensual nature of his works. Cora has refined a technique that captures movement, light and ecstasy without sexual sensationalism.  His wife, Mary, has been his main inspiration and muse for his series about women. Lately he has been painting portraits of his two daughters, Adilene and Alica. THE WOMEN OF VLADIMIR represents some of his most provocative works while maintaining a sensitivity and respect for the subject matter. Vladimir continues to explore and stretch the boundaries of his work.

His latest solo exhibition THE WOMEN OF VLADIMIR is on view through January 31st, 2016 at the Jorge Mendez Gallery ( This show marks the artist’s third solo exhibition at the gallery.


Gallerist Jorge Mendez has created a sophisticated gallery that focuses on contemporary art. His support of Cora is unwavering.  “Cora is a prolific painter who continues to revisit familiar subject matter throughout his storied career. Each time, he reimagines a series – integrating new and familiar elements into his works. Cora continues to deepen his mastery of the female form and his new Women series will give the public an opportunity to witness the progression and evolution of his work,” noted Mendez.

“It is my intent to continue showcasing the art of Vladimir Cora. He is a standout among the many artists that I represent.  Cora’s admirers look forward to his annual return to Palm Springs during the holiday season. I look forward to hosting Mr. Cora and giving art-lovers an opportunity to see, and acquire, his most recent works,” continued Mendez.

Vladimir Cora was born in 1951 in Acaponeta, Nayarit. He is a Mexican painter and sculptor based in the state of Nayarit, a place he still calls home.

Vladimir came to art via a circuitous route. It was music and Carlos Santana that first caught his teenage attention. By the age of 15, he realized that his hands were not that of a musical artist, but those of a painterly artist. Vladimir traded Santana for Monet. “Cora’s style is unique among Mexican masters. It can best be described as neo-figurative, minimalist and coarse. I think it is an interesting juxtaposition to see his style applied to works about women. His paintings are provocative, but yet maintain a sensitivity and respect for the subject matter.  I hope the audience comes to appreciate the richness, both in color and culture, of Mr. Cora’s works and at the same time learn more about the progression of his career,” said Mendez.

This is the first exhibition of the 2015-2016 at the Jorge Mendez Gallery. What can we expect from the Gallery in the coming months? “I have a challenging and exciting calendar of exhibitions planned!  I’m pleased the ‘season’ began earlier this year at the gallery with a busier than expected fall. Once Cora’s show is under way, I will begin to sort through works and curate my exhibition for the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair to be held February 11-14 at the Convention Center. The Art Fair is very important to my gallery and the Palm Springs area. We are a destination for art!”

“At the same time, I will be readying the gallery for my next exhibition – presenting two talented Los Angeles based artists. Christian Gill, is German born, who studied neo-expressionist artists in Berlin. His works are precisely engineered to convey emotional experiences rather than physical reality.”

“The second artist is Ariel Vargassal who presents a stirringly modern take on the photorealism technique. Vargassal’s presentation is unexpectedly unconventional with compositions mixing human bodies with animals and nature. Both artists have been well received in the gallery and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to showcase their works in a dual exhibition.”

Mendez also noted, “The gallery just celebrated its second anniversary in Palm Springs. I could not be more pleased with my decision to open the gallery in the Uptown Design District. I’ve established a diverse customer base and enjoy many repeat customers mainly from Los Angeles and throughout the country. My February exhibition, which kicks off during Modernism Week, broadens my focus and strong desire to bring more contemporary art to Palm Springs. My clients will find a uniquely curated gallery, just expanded to offer a wider selection of contemporary art.”

THE WOMEN OF VLADIMIR at the Jorge Mendez Gallery is on view through January 31st, 2016 ( The Gallery is located at 756 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262.