Inspired by an amazing barbeque with friends one weekend, I chose to visit a restaurant that is not my usual pampered style. I had heard that Kabobz had opened a new restaurant in the desert and decided some Mediterranean food was just the pampering I needed. It is not a flashy restaurant, though clean and welcoming. There are no bells and whistles, just good food with very knowledgeable servers. I love Mediterranean cuisine but there are so few places to find quality and authenticity. Dinner at Kabobz was the answer I had been seeking.
As we walked closer to the restaurant, I could smell fresh rotisserie meats and I knew we would not be leaving hungry. The restaurant is small but the flavors are big! We were seated and immediately began looking over a huge menu, trying to figure out what we could share so that we didn’t miss out on anything. We started with a favorite, Baba Ghannouj, a “hummus-like” appetizer, made with eggplant and garlic, served with warm pita bread. I could have stopped there and made a meal out of this but I am glad I did not. My date ordered the “Meaty Plate” where she was able to enjoy two skewers of her choice of meat. She ordered shrimp and chicken and they were served with saffron rice pilaf and a choice of side. I decided to go for full flavor and ordered the Gyro Platter which has a compressed mixture of beef and lamb, cooked on a rotisserie and shaved onto the plate with rice and pita bread. I also had an additional side to select so I opted for a Greek salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and olives with a light dressing. The meat was savory and intense with flavor!
Throughout our Mediterranean journey at Kabobz, I was impressed with the servers and their menu knowledge as well as their attention to detail. Caesar and Diamond are clearly happy to be doing what they are doing. Caesar made sure our beverages were full and Diamond could recite the menu if you asked her to; I felt like I had an education in the cuisine while I was there.
We were quite full and made certain to take our left overs with us (which made a fantastic midnight snack). Before we could call it a night, we had just enough room for a “baklava finger”, an appropriately named dessert for the portion we received. It was all we could handle after that filling meal! A big thank you to the staff for making our evening a special one! Kabobz is now open in two locations: 72695 Hwy 111, Ste. A6 in Palm Desert and also at 77932 Country Club Drive Ste. 2-4 in Palm Desert. Kabobz is closed Mondays and open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. For more information: www.kabobz.com


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