Photo By Travis Cosentino

By Morgan James

One year ago a shining star emerged in the Coachella Valley’s music scene, presenting her fresh sounding music and a confident stage presence at local open mics and showcases, winning the heart of many fans instantly. Just one year later and Kate London is celebrating the release of her new, self-titled album on September 22nd. Ms. London has worked hard, and with an incredible team, to create an impressive array of catchy songs to hit her already thrilled fans hard, and to surely gain some new ones, growing her ever expanding audience. I spoke with an enthusiastic Kate about the upcoming release of her album and what’s next for the absolutely lovely pop star.

MJ: Tell me about the inspiration for your new self-titled album. Did you collaborate on the song writing process?

Photo By Travis Cosentino

KL: “The inspiration for my new album content-wise is relationships, which most people can relate to. I get into the subject but I still wanted to keep it fun and lighthearted, not so moody. Artistically-speaking, I wanted to show growth to higher quality song production and also wanted to take more chances and show more musical range in what I can do. So fans will be able to hear some new styles from me. I co-wrote these songs with a multi-platinum team out in Hollywood. I set the artistic vision and content parameters for all my songs. Some of them I’ll write solely on my own, but sometimes I like to bring in a great music team because they challenge me and push me out of my artistic box.”


MJ: Are there any particular songs that are really special to you?

KL: “It’s hard to choose a favorite because I honestly love them all. This album definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and let me experiment with some new styles. I just had fun with these songs and they are ones I actually love listening to on repeat. I think these songs show progression and growth from my last releases. I’m excited to hear from the fans what song was their favorite so please hit me up on social media and let me know!”

MJ: Tell me where you recorded and who produced the album?

KL: “I recorded these songs at a professional studio in Hollywood with a great multi-platinum team that has worked with a bunch of top artists. I feel blessed to have gotten the opportunity to learn from people like them and to challenge myself as I grow as an artist.”

MJ: Where will your album release party be and when?

KL: “The official release date for the album is September 22 and it will be out everywhere including itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, Pandora etc. It will also be up on my website We are still putting together details on the album release party so stay tuned with my social media to find out – I’d love to see you all there!”

MJ: What do you love about performing live?

KL: “Well it used to scare me, but now I love it so much because I get to let loose and be me. The me that goes all out at home when I’m singing or in the car. The energy of performing live is so freeing and passionate. I get to ‘live’ the songs and put the energy of dancing and emotional expression into it. It no longer just a track off an album, it’s an experience I’m living out in front of people. Also, I just love connecting with other people that love music. I’m a fan myself and love supporting the scene.”

MJ: What do you love about recording and being in the studio?

KL: “I love recording because it’s a chance for me to create. Creating is such a cool concept because I get to make something out of nothing. It’s an awesome way to express myself and share my message and artistic vibes with the world. I love experimenting with different styles and vocal ranges so it’s fun to learn about myself too and what I like. Being in the studio, especially with other talented producers, is such an inspirational process because there is so much passion and hunger in one room.”

MJ: What are your next goals? What do you hope to accomplish ultimately?

KL: “My next goals are to just grow as an artist and to continue to building my fan base so I have a platform to promote my music and message. I’d love to do collaborations, keep doing bigger shows, put out more content, and just have fun with it. I started music because I enjoy it and I still try to live by that in all that I do now musically. Ultimately I just want to be able to keep creating music and hopefully inspire some people along the way. Whether that’s signing to a major label and going on a world tour, or just performing locally, I’ll love it either way as long as I’m able to continue creating. My faith is important to me and I believe in having music with a message so I’ll always appreciate the ability to have a bigger platform.”

MJ: Where else can our readers stay up to date with your music?

KL: “Please follow me on social media @KateLondonMusic! And keep an eye out for my album release and release party. Get in touch with me; I love to connect with fellow musicians and music lovers. I’m excited for the next year; I hope it’s a year of continued growth for me to learn and progress as an artist.”