(Written by a Krazy for Keto nomad who spent four months on the road.  Leaving from Palm Desert, CA with stops in Utah, Wyoming and Montana in the United Sates.  Then off to Banff, Lake Louise, Kelowna, Whistler, Vancouver and Victoria in Canada.  There were plenty of little towns, side roads and unique stops in between.  Every one of them offering a different temptation.  My husband and I, he’s also Keto, had the time of our lives exploring new adventures, beauty spots and food!  To be transparent food was a big part of our travels since we’re big-time foodies.  Read on and find out more about how we did it… and how you can do it too)

Keeping it Keto!

Does it seem impossible that you could eat Keto on the Go for four months?  You may be thinking that’s a long time to be away from home, the comfort of a routine, having your own kitchen and living out of a suitcase.  It is and there were many temptations at every turn that are traditional Canadian foods.  Like Poutines, Huckleberry and Rhubarb pies, Meat pies, Timbits donut holes, Tim’s maple doughnut, Bannock bread, Nanaimo bars, Dutch’s potato chips, Maple syrup everything, Pierogies and so many other mouth-watering specialty dishes. 


First of all, you start with mindset.  It doesn’t matter if you are here in the desert or Victoria Canada… it’s all the same.  You must be committed to Keto as a lifestyle and choose satisfying Keto foods.  I didn’t try any of the foods I listed above, and left Canada satisfied that I hadn’t left a food stone unturned. The fresh salmon and seafood and delicious grass-fed beef and bacon kept me going.   Not to mention, the fact I wasn’t gaining weight on my trip was worth it to me.  Because of my mindset, I was able to maintain my weight, not feel deprived and not have carb hangovers!

Here’s my personal experience spending time in different towns, long days in the car and eating out often.

  1. Always Be Prepared. Think back to the last time you traveled. Whether it’s at a gas station or the hotel, most of the time the only foods available are chips, cookies, and soda. By planning ahead, you won’t even be tempted by this junk food. You can travel with your own Keto crackers, chocolates, pork rinds, nut butter and nuts. If you have a cooler add some cheese, pepperoni and salami.  That way you’ll never get caught with your Keto pants down!
  2. Intermittent Fasting. Fast between meals and boost your ketone production.  It will hold you over on travel days in the car. It just makes travel simpler and increases your energy levels. You can always eat a large breakfast and then plan on having dinner at your destination later that night.  Easy Peasy!
  3. Eating out. Restaurant dining is a key part of staying Keto.  There were many weeks we ate out nearly every day.   Here are a few quick tips to help you have confidence while eating out.  Always tell your waiter you have food allergies (rather than explaining the low carb/Keto thing.  They will want to please you and keep you healthy):
  • Opt for double veggies instead of bread or potatoes
  • Choose water or straight spirits instead of beer and wine
  • Prioritize protein and fat before other foods
  • Ask for “lettuce wraps” instead of buns
  • Always ask for butter and olive oil
  • Get a side of avocado
  • Don’t be afraid to ask what ingredients are in foods or ask for substitutes

What about Cheating?  I allowed myself one or two meals a month to cheat and not exceed 75 carbs in one meal.  I committed to getting right back on the Keto Train the next day and space it out for at least 2 weeks before I decided to have another cheat meal.  It worked.  For example, one evening Indian food was tempting me.  I decided on the garlic naan bread, no rice, butter chicken and a spinach saag.  It was satisfying and delicious and met my goals I set for myself.  I got right back into ketosis the next day. 

A little preparation goes a long way when traveling.  You won’t be thinking about food, it will become second nature when dining out, fasting or packing Keto friendly snacks.  You will stick with your goals no matter where your travels take you.  Keto On!