By Michelle Ann Rizzio

I recently had the opportunity to meet Brand Ambassador, Irene of Kushy Punch, during the Super Bowl at The 420 Lounge in Palm Springs. She was so kind, so knowledgeable, and was hooking everyone up with info and deals for her gummy edibles in sativa–which live up to their name and absolutely pack a punch! Kushy Punch is delicious, easy to chew, potent, and have a juicy flavor to them. We sat down to discuss the product in more detail,

CV Weekly: What is Kushy Punch?

Irene: Kushy Punch is our infused gummy line that is intended to rival other edibles on the market. Our small, yet potent gummy’s pack a punch and are available in multiple formulations including indica, sativa, hybrid, cbd and 2:1 thc:cbd ratio. These little squares are health conscious with low sugar, low calories, all organic and kosher certified.


CV Weekly: How are the edibles dosed?

Irene: Our THC/CBD based gummies are dosed in accordance with the state guideline of 100mg per package. Each gummy is portioned into 10 pieces of 10mg each. Our 2:1 THC:CBD Recover gummy is the only product dosed with a total of 60mg of THC and 30mg of CBD.

CV Weekly: How should someone use Kushy Punch?

Irene: Kushy Punch can be used in a variety of ways and for varying ailments. We always recommend that a new consumer start small with a low dose  (1 square =10mg) and work their way up. Our product is ideal for clarity during the daytime with our Sativa, pain relief and an overall sense of well-being with our Hybrid, or as a sleep aid with our Indica gummy. Our CBD line is perfect for those not interested in the psychoactive effects of THC. Our gummies are produced using sugarcane ethanol making these little squares perfect for use similar to lozenges. Sucking on the gummy rather than chewing it will further allow the thc/cbd to bind to the sublingual and salivary glands and provide quicker relief.

CV Weekly: How are Kushy Punch flavored?

Irene: Each gummy comes with their own distinct flavor using all-natural organic ingredients. Our Indica is sugarplum, Sativa is strawberry, and Hybrid is tropical punch flavored. Our CBD line also carries their own flavors with our Recovery gummy tasting like a black & blue raspberry and our 100% CBD sugar-free gummy having a lychee flavor.

CV Weekly: What inspires you about your brand?

Irene: Kushy is more than just edibles. We’re a brand aimed at introducing only the best, the most potent, and the most consistent cannabis products to the market. We’re currently rolling out our KushyVape and KushyCBD lines in licensed territories throughout California. KushyVape is our new line of vape cartridges formulated to provide powerful and potent hits using 80-90% distillate oil. KushyVape will be available in the traditional 510 threading cartridge as well as disposable vapes and will come in 15 iconic strains such as OG Kush and Gorilla Glue. Kushy CBD is our new line of gummies, vapes, tinctures, and capsules formulated for overall wellness without the high. These products can be found throughout the Coachella Valley at licensed dispensaries or through

Be sure to ask your favorite dispensary when Kushy Punch will be holding an instore event so you can meet Irene and score a deal!