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The Top Food Trend for 2019:  Cannabis Edibles!

With the legalization of cannabis sweeping through the U.S., food products infused with cannabis extract, also known as “edibles,” have emerged as a popular way to enjoy cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes.  Edibles are considered a safe, discreet, and effective means of attaining the therapeutic and/or intoxicating effects of cannabis without exposure to the potentially harmful risks of smoking. The budding desire to benefit from edible consumption has led to the creation of new food-infused categories across the market. From milkshakes to dog treats, people are asking, “How do I decide what is right for me?” and “What’s really in these products?” Let’s take a closer look at edibles and demystify the science behind this emerging product!

Cannabis edibles include baked goods, candies, gummies, chocolates, lozenges, and beverages.  It’s a good idea to start this journey by deciding what you are looking for in terms of results, such as dealing with pain, insomnia, anxiety or other conditions, and then understanding the various cannabis ingredients and their effects when choosing your product.  Why, you may ask?  Did you know that there are over 100 cannabinoids present in cannabis, with the two main ingredients being THC and CBD? Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been used for centuries across the globe for its medicinal purposes and is responsible for inducing the “high” feeling.  CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most abundant ingredient and makes up 40% of the plant extract. While CBD is just as therapeutic as THC, it is non-psychoactive and provides relief from chronic pain and inflammation, and reduces stress and anxiety.  So it’s important to decide if you want the high feeling and the relief, or just the relief.  Most products have varying ratios of both THC and CBD.


What’s Hot in Cannabis Edibles

The edibles market is flooded with choices, so a visit to a dispensary for a chat with the staff is recommended to better understand and chose the best options for you.  At The Lighthouse Dispensary, adjacent to the festival grounds, Jennifer M. has been the top source for information and recommendations since cannabis became legal in California!  Her wealth of knowledge of the products, benefits and dosage protocol is refreshing.  The following products are some of her favorites, based not only on their effectiveness but also on taste and the vendor’s commitment to handcrafted recipes made with the best ingredients.

For those struggling with insomnia, Sensi Chews “Insomnia PLUS – non psychoactive” combines CBD with melatonin in a chewy chocolate caramel.  What’s better than chocolate, caramel and a good night’s sleep? 

When you need a break from chronic pain or stress, Plus Gummies, offer relief combined with tropical flavor.  Infused with pineapple and coconut flavors, these gummies are low-calorie, gluten-free and kosher!  As a CBD-rich edible, these gummies provide relief without the “high.”

Another great option for treating stress, insomnia or anxiety is the Korova line of cannabis-infused cookies, including choices that offer different ratios of THC to CBD. Choose from a variety of flavors like vanilla bean, chocolate chip, sativa toffee or their top selling “Saturday Morning” blend. 

Take movie night to a new level with “Pop-Up Potcorn,” a low-dose satisfying snack that comes in 3 different blends to deliver the right experience for each person.  With no GMOs or artificial ingredients, this product looks, cooks and behaves like any ordinary bag of popcorn, but the flavor is delicious with their cannabis-infused butter with sea salt.

And of course, there are beverages.  From milkshakes to flavored waters, one of the top choices is Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops.  This hoppy IPA-inspired beverage is a refreshing non-alcoholic choice with a cannabis twist. Zero calories and zero carbs, this cool drink combines both THC and CBD in various levels.

A visit to The Lighthouse Dispensary is a great place to start.  You’ll be able to ask questions, understand the different THC to CBD ratios, and better determine the edibles that work best for you.  CBD purchased outside of a dispensary has been known to include chemicals which could be harmful when consumed. You can rest assured that products purchased at The Lighthouse are all compliant, and have been through the proper testing for chemicals, microbes, and other potentially harmful additives. 

And here are some tips for using CBD edible products:

  • Keep all of the CBD edibles in a locked, safe place. Keep away from children and pets, as these treats look similar to mainstream candies and sweets.
  • Determine what you are trying to target, and work with a trained staff member to identify the best products to use.
  • Start with a small dosage and be patient.
  • Manage your expectations. Prepare for a subtle, innocuous effect that comes on slowly. 

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