ONE NIGHT ONLY! Friday, November 2 @ 7 pm

By Lisa Morgan

Hilariously naughty vaudeville and burlesque comedy with world class music will descend upon the city of La Quinta with a playbill heavy enough to pack any playhouse in New York.  The La Quinta Theater Company brings you “A Handful O’ Nickels” Friday, November 2nd, 7 pm at the La Quinta Senior Center.  This will be a comedic, musical, theatric experience you will NOT want to miss.  “Hand Full O’ Nickels” and its cast of characters have already received rave reviews at the historic Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada. It features a spectacular, experienced group of players that come together simply for the love of performing. But don’t be misled; their resumes could allow them to play anywhere.

Hold on to your socks when special guest, Yve Evans, portrays blues great, Bessie Smith with her rendition of “If You Don’t, I Know Who Will.”  Evans’ list of accolades includes receiving the Great Ladies of Jazz award in 2004, Palm Springs Desert Theatre League’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007, Monterey Jazz Festival’s Musician of the Year in 2008, and the Desert Theater League’s Best Actor Award in 2009.


Sharing the stage with Evans, is comedy team Jeanette Knight and Michael Seneca, named Showtime TV’s Funniest Duo in 1984.  They perform a spot-on tribute to George Burns and Gracie Allen while local celebrity, Justin Blake portrays the loveable Will Rogers. 


Jeanette Knight, locally known for her role as Louise Seger in Always, Patsy Cline, has served as an artist-in-residence for the California Arts Council, Beaumont Actors Studio, and the McCallum Theatre and currently teaches acting and improvisation at the Idyllwild Arts Academy.


Michael Seneca has almost 50 years of theatrical experience as comedian, actor, director and producer. He first achieved notoriety with the Second City Improvisational theatre in Chicago. Michael has appeared in stage and movie roles including Bonanza; The Next Generation, as well as founded and acted as Artistic Director for the Beaumont Actors Studio.


Justin Blake, member of the Writers Guild of America, Actor’s Equity Association, and Screen Actors Guild to name a few, was also the 2001/2002 Teacher of the Year at Palm Springs High School.  Blake has over 20 years in theatre, television and film.


Producer, David Sein, has been a producer and director of theatre for the past 25 years. The founder and managing director of Point Loma Actors Theatre, he has an endless list of theater shows under his belt including productions at College of the Desert, The Springs Theatre, the Annenberg Theatre, and several others throughout California.

When you bring five people with this much creative drama in their lives, you can pretty much bet that it’s going to be fun to watch.  Tickets are only $15 and can be purchased at or contact David Sein at 760-403-0504.  The performance will be held at La Quinta Senior Center, 78450 Avenida La Fonda, (behind the library) in La Quinta.