…. Isn’t it about time to turn your COVID 15 Weight Gain Around?


Just like the shutdowns went from “15 days to slow the spread” to an ongoing shutdown with no end in sight, Covid-15 weight gain is very real and is now venturing into Covid-25 and Covid-30. Yikes!

First, the good news:  The sooner you look to reverse weight that was gained…the quicker it can be lost.  So, in this article we’ll talk about how “to slow the spread” of your waistline to get your ideal body back.

Ladies, how do you get reignited with your nutrition goals while “stuck” at home and doing everything else required of you?  The pressure is on to be “Wonder Women” and do it all between work, relationships and if you have children you are home schooling as well.


So, grab a friend or partner and keep each other inspired, motivated and accountable.  Most of all…get started.

CREATE A SACRED SPACE OUTSIDE OF THE KITCHEN.  The kitchen is often the heart of our home, where we build fond memories of sharing meals together or preparing meals for loved ones.  Yet, the pandemic led many to eat mindlessly.    So, create a new favorite space in your home that is only for you.  Your nest, your sacred space, your spot!  Go there — instead of the kitchen — and enjoy a cup of tea or your favorite beverage and unwind instead of stress eating.

PLAN YOUR MEALS. Creating a meal plan every week makes your life easier and you won’t end up settling for unhealthy foods or feeling famished because you don’t have the right food in the house.  With proper planning your diet will keep your energy up, calm your life down and ease stress. If speedy weight loss is the goal, investigate Keto or low carb diet with healthy proteins, fiber, fats, and minimal carbs. You will get your body back in no time with this approach.

MEALTIME SHOULD BE FUN.  Enjoy different, nutrient dense meals. You can have a great time experimenting with different ingredients and recipes to come up with creative and delicious meals you will all love.  (And, you’ll stumble upon some that are laughably bad, too! Laugh together and try another meal tomorrow!)

Getting back to healthy living and a health weight has many benefits, including boosting your mood, reducing anxiety, strengthening your immune system, and — of course — boosting your confidence as woman!

Pandemic is the perfect time to take charge of your health and start a new daily routine to ensure you come out of quarantine healthier than you went in. With his approach you will find yourself creating a more positive and empowered lifestyle while you make “lemonade out of lemons” and take steps to create the body you want. In doing so, you will inspire others to do the same (including your co-workers, family, and friends).  Isn’t that what we do?

About Michelle Borthwick: Michelle is a Keto Lifestyle coach, a Seasoned expert on Customized Keto for Women.  Keto weight loss results can be improved with Coaching, Customization, accountability, and a trusted partner to guide you every step of the way.  Michelle offers private sessions, proven Keto diet hacks, meal plans, proprietary customization, accountability, goal setting and more. If you are interested in learning if Keto fits your lifestyle, book a complimentary 30 minute private coaching session online at KetoIsEasyCoach.com

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