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The one thing we particularly enjoy at the CV Weekly Tasting Room, is to enlighten our readers to the delicious new beverages on the market. We’re very judicious and will only recommend top quality quaffs. But you knew that already. And, we also love a good story to go along with the product.

So who is Archer Roose? Archer Roose is named for a woman born at the end of the 19th century in New York City. The child of a bygone era, she rejected the social mores of her time, she was renowned for her absurd adventures and the friends she made along the way and has been known to travel the world atop a moose in search of the previously unknown and heretofore undiscovered. She was a favorite traveling companion of Teddy Roosevelt—that, you’ve probably figured out already

What is Archer Roose? Well—since you know this is primarily a wine column, you’ve probably figured out that it is a wine product—in vino scientia! So the info above and below is what we have gleaned from the website:, and, from Whalebone Magazine, a cultural publication that consistently produces humorous and thought-provoking stories.


Now enter Archer Roose, purveyors of chic slim-can, adventure-ready wines from around the world. Archer Roose was founded in 2015 by Marian Leitner-Waldman and her husband, David. The wine company, we are told, is dedicated to producing affordable luxury wines with minimal intervention: thus, they went with the concept of a traveling vineyard.

Marian has shared on media her insightful story on how she came to discover wine while living in Spain and how that discovery set her on a mission to democratize the fine wine industry; and, by the way, create/perpetuate the “lively” story of the “famed” Archer Roose! In vino veritas, est!

“Archer Roose was a rebel of the Gilded Age who traveled the world with boundless curiosity, living by her own rules. The original oenophile, she explored far-flung regions on a quest for the best wines made from the finest ingredients.”

“Our wines tell the stories of the places she visited, and our logo — Archer atop her moose — reminds us that adventures, like wine, should be a little whimsical. Her spirit lives on in our wine company dedicated to the boundary pushers and feather rufflers—and to the community of like-minded people you meet along the way.”

Instead of building a winery and committing to a specific geography and varietal, the couple wanted to offer wines from the most-renowned regions around the world. So, they fostered personal relationships with small, adventurous winemakers who preserve terroir, and approach viticulture with craftsmanship and deep respect for the environment. Through these close partnerships, we’re able to produce unique, natural wines within 20 miles of their harvest location and bring them to you.

Marian and David again inform, “We continue the tradition of our namesake, Archer Roose’s intrepid spirit: scouring the globe for sustainable, luxury libations. Journey with us by experiencing our collection of consciously crafted, worldly wines.”

And of course, in the brave new world of wine—winemakers are sustainably cognizant. “We package our wine in formats that are recyclable and minimize waste. And, a single-serve can allows you to enjoy one glass at a time, eliminating the unfinished bottle at the end of the night.” Cans are 80% less landfill and 60% less carbon footprint than traditional bottles.

“Our wines are made with no animal fining or clarifying agents, added sugars, or artificial flavoring or coloring. Our grapes are farmed without the use of harmful herbicides or pesticides, and with minimal intervention in the cellar. Wineries are not required to disclose any of the 70+ legal additives they can include in their wine. You should know exactly what you’re drinking, so we share everything that goes into our wine.”

And now: Archer Roose’s comments on their current portfolio:

Bubbly: Crisp and dry. Fruit-forward notes of pear and apple. White flowers on the nose. Our sparkling white wine hails from Veneto, Italy: the birthplace of prosecco. This perfect blend of glera (40%) and garganega (60%) grapes is fruity and refreshing. Top your Aperol Spritz or sip at brunch —because bubbles are best.

Bubbly Rosé: Fragrant and seductive, with aromas of rose, white fruits, and wild strawberry. Our Bubbly Rosé is from Veneto, Italy, one of the most famous sparkling wine regions in the world. A blushing stunner, this refreshing sparkling rosé wine is made from the perfect blend of Glera (90%) and Pinot Noir (10%) grapes.

Pinot Grigio: Fresh, bright scents of white flowers, citrus fruits, aromatic herbs, and the sea.

Sauvignon Blanc: Tropical citrus and grapefruit notes with a balanced minerality.

Malbec: Dark ripe fruit, with notes of vanilla, blackberry, and plum. Refreshing with a lingering finish. Slip away to the “Napa Valley of South America” with our Argentine Malbec — a hallmark of the famed Mendoza region. Our soulful interpretation of this classic red wine is grown in lush vineyards overlooked by the Andes.

Archer Roose comes in Four-Packs and can be found at most markets at reasonable prices from $13 to $16.

When a periodical asked the company’s founder, “When is the best time to enjoy your wine?” Marian responded, “Archer Roose is best paired with aprés ski, book clubs and all lazy days with friends.” Cheers!

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