By Aimee Mosco

“There is no reason to hold on to the memories of the pain and trauma when it was the growth your soul was after.” Gratitude + Forgiveness x(Love) = Happiness, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, pg. 61

We all have a story. The twists and turns in our stories shape us to make us who we are in this present moment. Keeping memories active and alive that have led us to where we are is important to a degree if those memories support continued growth. If not, there is no benefit to holding on to old, unfavorable feelings that bring you back to a time and place saturated with pain, unless in the unlikely event you truly didn’t learn from the experience.

Emotional pain sits in direct opposition to the nature of the human spirit and rarely supports the favorable manifestation of new experiences. It may temporarily serve as motivation to “create” something new in your life, but it is mostly just a marker which tells you that you have some letting go and growing to do. Any emotion that knocks you out of alignment with your true nature serves the purpose of prodding you to dig a little deeper, find the lesson, and awaken to a new perspective.


When you internalize and then apply the wisdom you have achieved from a painful experience, you have positioned yourself to connect with a higher perspective and there is no longer any benefit to re-experiencing the trauma. It has done its job and it is perfectly appropriate to leave it where it belongs – in the past.

Because we human beings are creatures of habit, we often hold on to the pain because that is what we have come to know. It is part of the story we have come to define ourselves by, so we lean on the familiarity of it. The soul truth is, you are defined by the wisdom you have gained and applied, and your ability to replace low vibrations with higher ones, more so than anything else.

So, if you want to free yourself from re-experiencing the traumas of the past, look for the lessons present in the situations that inspired the painful emotions. Know that it was the growth your soul was after. The pain was only a means to an end. Agree to integrate and apply the wisdom you gained, and work toward replacing the old views with a new, higher perspective. This is how you leave the past where it truly belongs – in the past.

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