By Denise Ortuno

For a unique and interactive dining experience, get hands on at You Grill Korean BBQ in La Quinta.

Korean BBQ has long been a traditional way to cook food in the Korean tradition, and it seems to have gained smooth acceleration in the U.S. foodie scene. I mean, it totally makes sense, as Americans have always had a love of grilling anyway, so why not take it up a notch and do it while dining out.

The notion may seem labor intensive, as most people go out to dine so they don’t have to cook. But Korean BBQ is very guest friendly, and doesn’t take much effort at all, as long as you can manage flipping portioned sized meat and veggies around to cook them, you’re golden. And best of all, you get to cook, and you don’t have to clean up anything, which I believe is another huge advantage of going out to eat.


You Grill Korean BBQ in La Quinta offers a comfortable ambience with a series of tables with built-in grills. Guests sit around the grill, as if gathering near a campfire (without the ghost stories, or maybe not), ready to get cooking. You Grills’ menu is “All You Can Eat,” a very popular concept, great for a big appetite and/or families. Guests have a two hour limit at their table, and will be charged for any food that is left over, which is a good rule as it discourages over ordering and food waste.

There are two menus to choose from at You Grill, menu “A” ($20.99 per person) and menu “B” ($25.99 per person). Both menus have an array of meats to choose from, such as Angus Beef Brisket, Hawaiian Chicken, and Spicy Squid among many, many others. There are also assorted vegetables, soups, dumplings and more. The difference between the two menus is that menu “B” offers Shrimp, Sirloin and some other specialty items that menu “A” does not, but both include ice cream which is bonus if you are dining out with children. Speaking of children, kids under three eat for free, and from four to eight years of age, get 50% off the regular price.

You Grill offers beer and wine, as well as hot/cold sake and soju for their adult guests, which can make cooking a little more fun. Guests are reminded that the grills are very hot, and to use extra caution, especially when dining with little children.

Getting out of the usual dining experience can be adventurous, and going out and cooking your own delicious food and taking the credit for it is awesome (hint, hint, great way to impress a date guys). Whether a twosome, or with the whole family, let’s all get grilling, at You Grill Korean BBQ!

You Grill Korean BBQ is located at 79-680 Hwy 111, La Quinta Ca 92253