Clean, Simple, Pure

By Esther Sanchez

During these ever-evolving times in the world of legalized cannabis, it seems as though one of the biggest changes we are seeing is what the retail spaces for these products look like. Most of us think of walking into a plain building off the beaten path with poor signage. Then making your way into a bleak waiting area where you check in with a security guard behind a window and wait, sometimes for 10 to 15 minutes before getting buzzed into another room with product. Not always the most comfortable environment. It seems as though, those days are fading away to a new era of dispensaries and there is hardly a better example of that than Libra Cannabis Shop.

Photo By Esther Sanchez

Conveniently located right off the I-10 on Washington and Country Club, Libra is situated in a lovely, modern building. Customers walk into a gorgeous, open, showroom style retail space that is bright, uplifting and decorated in a funky, yet streamlined motif. You are immediately greeted and put to ease by the friendly, well-trained staff that are thrilled to answer any queries one might have about any of their huge array of high-quality products. I sat down with Rob Fierro, Co-Owner and operator of both Libra in Palm Desert and HOTN in Cathedral City to chat about his businesses and vision for the SoCal cannabis industry.

Photo By Esther Sanchez

Fierro: “We opened up here at Libra about 6 months ago and when into it with an idea of doing things differently. HOTN is more of the traditional type of dispensary associated with the strictly medical days with the waiting room, etc. So, with this place we really wanted a concept that was special in order to reflect this new industry of legalization. We wanted a space that would help us change the mindset of new customers so they can simply walk into a store that is open and friendly and have a knowledgeable staff that can get them exactly what they need. The only thing we need is ID that shows that you are 21 or older and you can walk on in without feeling like you’re being corralled like an animal.”


CVW: Whenever I have been to dispensaries in the past that have the waiting room with the guard and the buzzer at the door, there is something about that experience that almost makes you feel like you are doing something wrong. This is so much better.

Fierro: “Yeah, we have tried our best to keep the sketch out of the experience.”

CVW: So if I was just an average Joe walking in off the street and this is all new to me and I have no experience whatsoever with any cannabis products, how would you guide me?

Fierro: “First off, we give consultations so if you are a new patient or consumer or are possibly looking to be, you can call us or go on our website and schedule a free consultation where you would come in a sit down with one of our reps for 15 minutes or so where they just ask a few simple, basic questions so we know what to recommend for you. Our staff are all trained and certified so they do a great job of making clients feel comfortable without intimidation. We also have a great loyalty program for our regulars with specials, discounts and sometimes freebies which is a great way to check out all kinds of products.”

CVW: Speaking of freebies, you guys are in the perfect spot to bring in the festival crowds. Do you have anything going on for the concert goers and/or 4/20 which is coming up?

Fierro: “Absolutely! We have all kinds of swag to give out from shirts and cool, printed bandanas, fanny-packs, pre-rolls…too much to mention really. There will be a lot of special things going on all day so everyone should stop on in and check it out!”

LIBRA is located at 78010 Country Club Dr. Ste 100-200, Palm Desert, CA 92211 Call 760-360-6420

HOTN Cannabis Shop located at 68945 Vista Chino Ste. A, Cathedral City, CA 92234 Call 760-832-7614