By Janet McAfee

There is something special about Lobo, a very handsome blend of Siberian Husky and German Shepherd. Lobo has a story that is tragic but also heartwarming as a local communication came together to help him. Sadly, the largest number of dogs in Southern California’s public shelter are Huskies and Shepherds. These breeds don’t do well confined inside kennels. Sadly, some are euthanized due to the lack of kennels in crowded shelters. 2023 was tough year for homeless dogs and cats as the shortage of available spay and neutering services in recent years resulted in a large increase in homeless animals.

On November 27, 2023, Lobo was spotted walking on a street inside the gated Trilogy complex by Avenue 60 and Madison in La Quinta. Trilogy is a lovely community with 1238 homes for people over 55 years old, and it’s full of happy dogs on walks. A Trilogy security truck picked up the stray dog and brought him to their HOA office. Everyone assumed he belonged to a Trilogy resident. Dog lover Bruce Krider who is associated with the Puppy Coalition Rescue arrived with a scanner but there was no microchip or ID tag to identify the owner. Nor was the dog neutered.

The HOA staff contacted Pam Murray, resident dog lover extraordinaire. She leaped into action to locate an owner. Pam recalls, “They called me to take photos and post the dog on social media including the Trilogy Facebook page and It was all over for me when I met this majestic creature with such beautiful blue eyes! I spent the day in the HOA lobby introducing people to the dog. We went for walks hoping to see someone who would know where he lived. He spent the first night with me in our guest room, choosing to gratefully snuggle next to me. He is so loving!”. However, Pam and her husband own a 10-year-old rescue dog Jake who began shaking and developed diarrhea with another dog in the home. They had to consider Jake first.


Suddenly there was a break in the Lobo case! Another resident located Lobo’s owners when their sister saw him on social media, but they did not live in Trilogy. Excited about a reunification, Pam headed over to their home miles away in Indio amazed he would travel so far. The owners were a young couple living with their parents who did not want Lobo inside their home. However, he howled when they were home and repeatedly jumped the fence to escape. Unneutered male dogs tend to escape and travel great distances looking for female dogs in heat. The young owners loved Lobo and the husband even tried sleeping outside in the car with Lobo and taking him to work during the day. Sadly, they soon called Pam to report their parents wanted Lobo OUT immediately.

Pam found a Trilogy resident who would foster Lobo, but the young dog proved to be too active for them. Christine and Steve Jones, animal lovers came to the rescue allowing Pam and Lobo to spend the night in their guestroom. They arranged for Lobo meet prospective adopters. The friendly fellow won over many hearts, but no one looking to adopt a large 50-lb dog. Trilogy pet sitter Lynne Esparcia came to the rescue to open her heart and home to Lobo temporarily.

Realizing that veterinary care including vaccinations, microchipping, and neutering were important, Pam contacted the Animal Rescue Center. The ARC rescue obtained a quick vet appointment at a time where there is a serious shortage of veterinarians. The Trilogy coalition reimbursed ARC for all costs. Once neutered, Lobo became calmer, more focused on humans, and easier to train. Pam and Lynne take Lobo for several “training” walks a day and Lobo wants to love every person he meets. Another resident takes him on daily runs on a long lead with his golf cart providing fun exercise.

Pam, Christine, Lynne, and the Trilogy coalition are determined that Lobo is not surrendered to the county shelter where confinement would be stressful and the outcome unknown. However, foster mom Lynne rents out her Trilogy home for 3 months beginning on January 13th. Now the goal is for him to be in a Forever Home before January 13th!

Lobo will bring great joy to a lucky family in 2024. His hobby is rolling over and getting belly rubs. Lobo also loves tossing the donut ring toy he received from Christine. He equally loves men, women, and children. Lobo is 3 to 4 years old. He is the official mascot at Trilogy, and they care about his future. Lobo would like a home with a secure yard where he can play and spend time inside his home loving his humans. He is a brilliant dog who knows many commands, is eager to please people, and loves the company of other dogs.

There are many advantages to having a large dog like Lobo. They provide excellent security. While they need outdoor exercise, they are calm and content indoors.

CONTACT PAM MURRAY AT (310) 363-9518 IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING LOBO. Paws are crossed that Lobo will soon find the loving home he deserves.