Brazilian designer Ilze Volkweis has made a name for herself in the Coachella Valley, establishing her fashion line throughout California, and now, she is featured at Insanity on El Paseo. The famous “Rodeo Drive of the Desert” is home to high fashion brands and designers, making it a staple of Palm Desert.

“I think this shop is the best shop in the area. I love it so much. The clothes remind me of my own style and they are very fashionable. So I talked with Amy about including my clothes in her store and she agreed. I am so happy to have my clothes on El Paseo,” stated Ilze.

Ilze’s new fashion line is all handmade and made in Brazil. It is made of a native lace produced by local craftswomen called “renda de filé”. The intricate design of the clothing originates from European colonization in the 1800s near the Amazon, and is the same technique women would use to make fishing nets out of thread centuries ago.


This design method was also used for other home furnishings at the start of the 1900s. It became more popular in the 1980s, where this threading method was used to make clothing. It is a homemade and 100 percent organic clothing line that encompasses Brazilian culture and heritage.

Insanity has been in business for 14 years, featuring women’s luxury clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. The boutique’s inventory consists of designers from across the globe to bring desert residents an exquisite selection of fashion straight from the runways of New York, London, Paris, and Milan.

The clothing found at Insanity is edgy and unique that shoppers will not be able to find at a regular mall. With sophisticated, standout pieces from Europe, the perfect outfit is awaiting shoppers who are looking for something chic to wear on a night out post-pandemic.

“Because it’s been such a boring year, we plan on throwing parties and events to get people out and dressed. Women wore a bathrobe for 18 months, so now it’s time to put on some makeup, get dressed, and experience life again,” shared Insanity owner Amy Melendez.

There are several planned trunk shows and fun events scheduled to take place at the store this fall, highlighting different featured designers with clothing from Insanity. There will potentially be a collaboration with the art gallery next to the boutique reminiscent of the El Paseo Art Walk that took place before the pandemic.

Visit Ilze Volkweis’ Instagram page, @lzgirlz, for clothing samples and business inquiries. To keep up with the latest fashions from Insanity, visit the boutique’s website at or follow the store on Instagram @insanityelpaseo.