By Dr. Maria Lombardo

‘Tis the Season!  Do you want to look great for all those holiday parties and family gatherings?   With the holidays right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about doing a little sprucing up!  You decorate your house to make it beautiful… What are the options to make YOU look beautiful?

There are a lot of great treatments available: 

Noticing some extra creases around the eyes or frown lines on your forehead?  Botox is a great choice to soften your lines!

How about those “smile lines” that look deeper every year?  Of course you don’t want to stop smiling but a little filler (Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, Volbella, Bellafill and Sculptra) can do a world of good!

Is your skin looking a bit dull or are you hiding “age spots” under a lot of makeup?  A chemical peel is great refresher for the skin – but remember that you will be flaky for 7 full days after a peel so plan ahead to finish peeling before that holiday party night!

Is your skincare routine falling prey to the hectic season?  Try some new products to really feel great about your skin – We are featuring 20% off all skincare in December! (Whaaaaaat?!?)

Tired of needing more and more mascara to highlight your eyes?  It’s time to try Latisse to grow your own lashes longer, darker and fuller!

Or what about all that holiday weight gain?  Does everyone at work bring a tray of homemade cookies and by the end of the season you have put on several pounds?   Consider the hCG diet to help with keeping the weight off or losing it in the new year!

And don’t forget… it’s also the season of giving!  All these treatments make great gifts….   Call to give gift certificate to someone you think is beautiful!  And…. We have teamed up with Martha’s Village & Kitchen for December: if you bring in two (or MORE!) non-perishable food items YOU get 10% off any service!  Even surgery!

Call Lombardo Cosmetic Surgery today and see what Dr. Maria Lombardo can do to make feel great this holiday season!

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