By Denise Ortuno-Neil

There is no question that we live in a time where we not only need a healthy amount of energy to take on daily tasks, but also to feel balanced. To achieve the energy part, we turn to supplemental remedies such as vitamins, food and often times, synthetic energy drinks. However, the latter of them may leave us feeling sluggish after the initial jolt of energy, and almost drained of the energy it had promised to provide. Lotus Botanical Elixir has now brought a way to not only get the energy that you need, but to feel balanced in the process, by combining natural ingredients led by the historically beneficial Lotus Flower to influence the body, mind and spirit.

For Lotus Botanical Elixirs CEO/Founder Scott Strader, it’s all about “Flower Power”. The Coachella Valley native came up with the idea for this revolutionary drink over a decade ago and launched it in 2015. The focus was to bring to the world a product that was more than just an energy drink, but a way to bring together ingredients that would naturally awaken the body, mind and spirit in a balanced way, free from artificial additives. To accomplish this tall order, Strader turned to the Lotus Flower, long known for not only it’s aesthetically and magical beauty, but for its medicinal advantages as well.

The flower has been revered throughout history by the Egyptians, Buddhist and Hindu cultures, among others. It signifies desired qualities such as re-birth, purity and spiritual awareness. It has aided in quelling physical ailments and very popular in eastern medicine. Now, Strader has incorporated the Lotus Flowers properties into a healthy energy drink that consumers can feel good about.

Along with the Lotus flower, Strader involves other key ingredients for his creations. The drink leans on the benefits of adaptogens, which help the body adapt to stress….basically a sort of equalizer, found predominantly in the ginseng family. With stress being the main culprit in many aggressive diseases, adaptogens are definitely one of the good guys.

As far as the added energy to Lotus Botanical Elixir, it is exacted by natural sources for a natural lift. The drink is also GMO free (genetically, modified organisms), completing Strader’s goal of a clean and healthy energy drink. Utilizing all of these ingredients, and omitting what is not to his vision, lends to the integrity and transparency that Strader strives for in his product.

Lotus Botanical Elixir is based in our beautiful desert area, where Strader grew up. He could think of no other place than right here in the Coachella Valley to assemble his creation. Lotus Botanical Elixir comes in refreshing infused flavors which include Cranberry, Wild Berry, Raspberry, and soon their zero calorie Citrus Peach. The drinks are comfortably carbonated and flavored, not at all overly sweet, and are free from any chemical after taste that synthetic energy drinks leave behind. The innovative product has been excitedly received and endorsed by many celebrities.

Consumers can find Lotus Botanical Elixir locally at Clarks in Ranch Mirage, Whole Foods in Palm Desert, and online through their website as well as Amazon. With all that is going on in the world, we can all use some extra energy and balance. Lotus Botanical Elixir’s can help you get there in a natural way, to influence and awaken the body, mind and spirit.

Right before press time we were informed that the Peach Lotus Elixirs were served at the Academy Awards this year. They make the perfect Bellini.

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