By Jason Hall

There comes a time in most little girls’ lives when they finally see Disney’s animated Peter Pan. Inevitably they fall in love with a certain little green fairy and start asking for pixie dust. Tinker Bell is still popular to this day

Tinker Bell first came to life in J. M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan. In the play, she was just a common fairy. In 1953, that all changed. Disney animated Tinker Bell and turned her into the green pixie dust spreading fairy we all know and love. Disney’s animators nailed her character and movements thanks to the real life Tinker Bell, Margaret Kerry.

Kerry was the live action model who animators used as a reference. Tinker Bell was a non-verbal character in Peter Pan, so Kerry’s movements were an integral part of the story. Kerry spent six months pantomiming Tinker Bell’s movements using giant props to help.


Kerry has written a book about her work with Disney and will be in Palm Springs on Thursday, February 7 from 7:00pm until 9:00pm at Palm Spring Vinyl and Collectibles for an in store meet and greet and book signing. The book will be $29.99 unsigned and $39.99 signed.

This event is a great way to relive the past and fulfill those little girl dreams of meeting Tinker Bell. Now you can meet Margaret Kelly, the real Tinker Bell, and have her sign your Disneyland autograph book right next to the Tinker Bell autograph you got when you were a child. Be sure to wear your monogrammed Mickey ears hat!

Palm Springs Vinyl and Collectibles is located at 220 N. Palm Canyon on the strip in Palm Springs.