By Elizabeth Scarcella

I get asked all the time why I always look so happy. Do I ever have down days? Of course I do…I am human too. The difference between me and some others, maybe even you, is that I have learned that my emotional state is very temporary and I can quickly change it. I did not always believe this…and moreover, did not have a clue on how to do this. What I have learned, and am excited to encourage you, is how to utilize our god given right to be happy…to live a life of peace, joy and expansion…in other words to Live Large. Today, I am joined by Melody Cohn, a certified chakradance facilitator. She too has learned how to use her License to Live Large, and so can you.

LTLL: What does “License to Live Large” mean to you?

Melody: “It means that I hold the key and that I am the creator of my life. Whatever I am thinking, speaking and listening to, is my creation. Having a loving, positive relationship with myself has enlightened and embellished my mere existence. I know that what I manifest is the development of the emotional seeds I planted. I use dance and meditation to give me the energy to manifest my dreams and desires.”


LTLL: At what point in your life did you learn that you can create your life as you wish?

Melody: “Ten years ago, I was single with 2 teenage kids living with me; and my mother had just passed.  I happened to watch the movie, The Secret, which became an “aha” moment for me. I began taking notice and becoming aware of my feelings in different situations and realized, “I can change the status I’m in”. That was a big revelation for me.

Shortly after that, a co-worker, invited me to her home for a reading with a Buddhist Monk…I was open and willing to see what he revealed, which ended up changing the course of my life path.

Armed with this new outlook, I ended my cigarette smoking habit and taught myself to meditate. I replaced my urge to smoke with meditation.”

LTLL: What is Chakradance and how did you become involved?

Melody: “Chakradance started in Australia by Natalie Southgate who discovered this shamanic dance in 1998 while studying Jungian Psychology. I found Chakradance online while on a beautiful beach in Cancun just after I ended my 15-year career in administration. I began practicing at home and discovered that my joy was in the dance, so after studying, I became a certified Chakradance facilitator in 2014.”

LTLL: What’s one tip you’d like to share on how others can learn to Live Large?

Melody: “Dance and feel the rhythm of your soul. Embrace yourself and begin to develop an encouraging relationship with yourself. Manifest your dreams and desires by being specific… and create the ability to visualize through meditation.”

Like most of us, Melody has overcome difficult times…and instead of letting those circumstances define her, she too chose to exercise her License to Live Large. We want to hear from you…have you chosen to Live Large? Email me at for a chance to be interviewed and featured in an upcoming article.


Elizabeth Scarcella, Founder of Go Get Young and Co-Owner of Rx2Fitness, helps others create the life of their dreams. Reach her at

Melody Cohn, artist and Chakradance facilitator, enjoys helping others find their inner peace through moving meditation. Reach her at