By Angela Romeo

Heroes come in all guises. Melody Cohn is one such hero. She is an artist who sees past the canvas.

Melody is deeply involved in the Coachella Valley.  A Co- Art Director for the Healthy Family Foundation’s’ Ophelia Project she is a mentor for the project encouraging teenage girls to achieve their full potential and build up their self-esteem. The Ophelia Project reaches 750 girls in 15 schools and 3 school districts. But she does not stop there.

Melody is the Secretary of the La Quinta Art Association, a nonprofit organization of artists working together and promoting art with children. Melody is as a docent for the Indian Wells Art Festival. Melody is a certified Chakradance facilitator, a moving meditation with healing chakra energy. Perhaps that is where her community spirit comes from and where her artistic inspiration is borne.


“I am a spiritual being. I know that when we listen to our inner world we find the lighthouse within and we shine out to the universe,” noted Melody. That light emanates in her charitable work and in her paintings should be no surprise.

“As an artist my work has evolved from Acrylic to Batik to Watercolor on Canvas,” continued Melody  “It was my studies with Master Artist Bruce Thomas of Palm Desert, owner of Aerie Art Garden, that I learned the watercolor on canvas technique.  I continue to explore this technique and continue to take it to new levels with my own unique and colorful style.”

Her work is a mixture of metaphysical reality.  Like all artwork, Melody captures a moment and by embracing that moment her expressions of love and light comes forth. The work can be seen at her studio in La Quinta, at Mystical Awakenings on 73151 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA and at Courtyard Gallery 54240 Ridgeview Drive, Idyllwild CA. She will be participating in the upcoming First Friday art walk, on April 6.

The works featured at Mystical Awakenings are important to Melody for many reasons. “These pieces attribute works of art are my expressions of the awakenings of my spiritual growth. They come from the heart through art and from meditations with the chakras,” noted Melody. “The paintings of the group dancers are a part of a collection that I am working on. These are part of my Chakradance Series. There are four other pieces that will complete the series. Each dance carries the vibration of each chakra as such each dance is entirely different. Dancing and facilitating the Chakradance has assisted me in my life spiritually and has helped me to achieve my greatest dreams.”

While Melody’s art is influence by love she feels blessed to share her love for the arts and community with her husband Gideon. The two met, not coincidently at Gideon’s former Gallery in Palm Springs. Married since 2012, the two continue their creative efforts in their Point Happy Studio in La Quinta Ca.

Heroes are admired for noble qualities that are but dreams of many. Melody expresses her dreams thought her artistic and charitable work. It is these noble qualities that make her a local hero. Melody continues to giving through her works and leads by example that art empowers.

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