Pattie Daly Caruso passed away peacefully at the age of 73 on Sunday, September 17th, 2017 in her Palm Desert home as a result of a heart attack. She was a breast cancer survivor, had the longest running local TV show in the Coachella Valley “Valley Views,” for 25 years, she was a philanthropist, a Media Maven, but most of all a loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

She is survived by her husband Dick Caruso, son Carson Daly, daughter Quinn Daly and her grandchildren.

Daly Caruso was named Television Woman of the Year for her work on her interview show in 1997. She was honored with an Athena Award for community leadership in 2003. Palm Springs Women in Film and Television selected her as its Desert Diva in 2008 and Desert Samaritans named her Good Samaritan of the Year in 2009. She also received a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars that year.

Daly Caruso also was an active member of such local charities as the American Cancer Foundation, Eisenhower Medical Center Auxiliary and the Ronald McDonald House.


A Celebration of Life Set To Honor Pattie Daly Caruso will take place at 12 noon on Saturday, September 23rd at Sacred Heart Church in Palm Desert.

The public is invited to attend a Catholic memorial mass for Pattie Daly Caruso to be held this coming Saturday at 12pm at Sacred Heart Church in Palm Desert.  The “Celebration of Life” will be conducted by Pastor Howard A. Lincoln.  Sacred Heart Church is located at 43-775 Deep Canyon Rd. at the corner of Deep Canyon and Fred Waring Drive in Palm Desert.

A large turnout is expected for the service so it is recommended that elderly and individuals who have mobility challenges arrive early. 

In lieu of flowers the family is requesting a donation to Sacred Heart Church.

Please contact Wiefels’ and Sons for service details at 760-327-1257…

Below are a few of Pattie’s close friends sharing their love and respect for her:

Tracy Dietlin

“I first met Pattie back in 2005 when I was on her show to promote the first CV Music Awards. From there I would run in to her at local events and she always made me feel like I was someone special. She was always so supportive of everything I did. When she was talking to you she made you feel like you were the most important person in the room and she lifted everyone up. When I started CV Weekly 5 ½ years ago, Pattie, along with Patti Gribow, Brooke Beare and Diane Marlin-Dirkx were on our 7th cover. She invited us into her home for the photo shoot and interviews. Pattie truly loved people, her TV show, this valley, but most of all her family. She lit up when talking about her daughter Quinn and son Carson and her grandchildren. It will be hard to walk on a red carpet without Pattie being there to interview us. She was an amazing woman and will be missed by us all. My heart goes out to her family.”

Dee Ann Lubell Ames

“Pattie Daly Caruso had been a close friend for almost 25 years.  We experienced many ups and downs and cries and laughter throughout that time.  I appeared on her television show dozens of times.  My late husband, Lee, went to the Pasadena Playhouse with Pattie when they were around 19 years old.

There are so many stories I could tell about this incredible woman, but the one that stands out above all others happened in September of 2005.  Pattie and I were so excited.  We were going to be first time grandmothers.  Our daughters, Tanya and Quinn, were pregnant and due to have their babies around the same time.  We would talk to one another sometimes twice a day comparing notes.  She was going to have her grandbaby call her Kiki and mine would call me Dede. 

Around 9:00 p.m. one night, I received a phone call from my son-in-law.  Tanya had slipped and tumbled down a flight of concrete stairs and had been rushed in serious condition to Cedars in Beverly Hills. 

Mindlessly, I threw mismatched clothes in a suitcase and headed for I-10 in a sheer panic.

I called Pattie on my cell phone Bluetooth to tell her what had happened.  She was initially emotional, of course, but then just as fast went into that firm, authoritative Pattie mode that most all of us have experienced.  She refused to hang up.  She was determined to stay on line with me until she knew I had arrived to the hospital.  All I remember during what felt like an endless two and a half hour drive was Pattie talking, singing, telling jokes, reciting poems and telling stories, constantly reminding me to focus on my driving.  She stayed with me until I entered the underground parking garage.

Her last words to me were, ‘I love you Dede.  Everything is going to be okay.  I know it.’ 

And, even though the next few days were dangerously touch and go, she was right.  A month later, we met up with our girls and their newborns, Jake and Jaden at Pacifica – the babies were on their first date.

 Rest in peace my precious Kiki.”

Judy Vossler

“I met Pattie when she and husband Dick Caruso first moved to Palm Desert in the early 1990’s before she started her Valley Views TV show. She was a Mom, learning this community. One day she called and said, “I’m starting a local television show to help promote charities and local activities.” She said it like it was a normal thing to just start up a TV show. By golly, she did it and quickly; she gathered sponsors, made a deal with the TV station and made it look easy for 25 years.

Way back then, Pattie and I started a Girls Night Out before GNOs were in vogue. We wanted a way for busy women to meet and exchange ideas; the desert was much smaller then. Later Pattie wanted a group who were more focused on media, marketing and public relations, so Pattie, Gloria Greer, Janet Newcomb, Lea Goodsell and I formed Media Mavens to meet monthly in season for discussion about the many events and activities that needed media power and word of mouth promotion. Media Mavens is now 18 years and more than 100 women strong.

I can’t imagine my days ahead without her. I’ve watched Carson and Quinn mature into great adults. I’ve laughed at countless grandchildren stories. Family was Pattie’s life.

She was one of my always-positive go-to women. I could count on PDC (as we called her) to be a cheerleader with “cheer” and “leader” being key words. Pattie was the epitome of what we all aspire to be: great wife, mother, grandmother and friend, smart, honest-to a fault, spiritually connected and always our “Sparky.” God Bless. Simply, Pattie was a true friend. Rest in PEACE.”

Scott Kiner

“At the 50th Anniversary Bob Hope Ball in January 2009, Pattie and I were co-anchoring interviews with the celebrities.  She often asked me to co-MC or just MC charitable events, as well as sub as the host of Valley Views.

About 2010, Pattie was selected to be honored the as “Person of the Year” by Desert Samaritans and the event was a ‘black tie’ affair at the Westin Mission Hills Resort.  She asked me if I would MC the event.  I said fine and my wife, Sheila, bought me an expensive white, Bert Parks-type formal jacket for the event.  The event went perfect and Pattie was very happy…so happy at the end she gave me a big hug that left her red lipstick on the lapel of my new white jacket.  Fortunately, Sheila was able to find a cleaner who could get the lipstick out.

Pattie reminded me a lot of my mother, Nancy Chaffee Kiner, another dynamo who appeared on the Johnny Carson Show six time, made the Wimbledon Quarter Finals, played in front of the Queen of England and actually had her own TV show in Palm Springs back in the 1960’s on KMIR.  My mother died in 2002 at the age of 73.  How ironic that Pattie would pass away at the same age.”

Bronwyn Ison

“I met Pattie when I was 19-years-old while friends with her son Carson.  As a young girl there were many of times friends and I visited the Caruso home. Pattie was definitely the cool mom and always encouraged us to hang out at her home. She was also influential in guiding me to one of my first television jobs here in the desert. She encouraged me to apply, I got the job, and the experience I received was priceless.  It was because Pattie believed in me.

Upon my return to the desert, eight years ago, my friendship with Pattie reignited.  Pattie, to me, was always kind, willing and eager to help. While visiting Pattie at her home for a filming of Valley Views it was then Pattie offered to mentor me (once again) with respects to my broadcasting career.  It meant the world to me that Pattie would offer her time and attention to help me.  She was loving, caring and her charismatic personality lit up the room. Most of all and what I will always remember… is how much she loved Carson, Quinn, her husband Richie and her grandchildren.  May God Bless Pattie and her family.”

Lea Goodsell

“Pattie was one of the rare people who genuinely liked and cared for people – when you were in a conversation with her, she was totally engaged and concentrating on what you were saying. With me, she always made it a point to ask about my daughter, and it’s especially sad that my daughter’s here now with her daughter, and Pattie would have been so excited to see Kasey, who she saw grow up, and now to meet her daughter. Such a cruel irony and big loss for everyone who knew her, especially her family.”

Mitch Blumberg

“This photo is from the annual Paint El Paseo Pink walk for Breast Cancer. Pattie was a breast cancer survivor and a leader during the El Paseo annual walk which attracted hundreds of walkers each year in October. Great cause! Her upbeat optimism with regard to something like breast cancer was contagious and uplifting for all! As a former board member of PSWIFT (Palm Springs Women in Film & TV), Pattie always handled the Red Carpet interviews for the annual Broken Glass Awards (which I Co-Chair) with grace, warmth & good humor! Whether on the Red Carpet or interviewed in her home studio, she was friendly, vibrant, intelligent & welcoming! A joyous wonderful lady & friend! I will miss her greatly!”

Dale Gribow

“Whenever Pattie DC or my Patti G would host an event and we were on the red carpet our picture would naturally be taken and I would stand between the two Patti/Patties. Each time, for years, I have quipped that is indeed a pleasure to stand between ‘two all-beef pattys.’ This recently occurred when we had dinner with Patti DC and Richie at Castellis 2 months ago and someone took our picture. Pattie DC would always laugh.”

Kate Spates

“Pattie Daly Caruso was a special friend to me. I’m forever thankful to her and will miss her dearly… This picture was taken after a luncheon when she grabbed me and said ‘let’s go to the bar and catch up’ then we hailed Betty over to join us. Over a bottle of wine, they proceeded to tell me the stories of their journeys in business and life; the hurdles, the triumphs, the tragedies. We lost all track of time and I fell deeper in awe with both of them. We had so many laughs, the bartender said we should take a picture to remind us of that fun day and I’m so glad he did.

Years ago Pattie took an interest in me and my story. She encouraged me to talk about it, share, learn… She listened when I needed to talk, I learned by listening to her. She looked at me with love in her eyes, I looked up to her in awe and adoration. She had confidence in me when I lost mine. She was tough, she was fierce; a warrior who beat cancer. She was generous, she was giving; She offered me a safe place to stay when I was lost and confused. Always a friend, a mentor, a devoted mother and guide to many. I will miss her warm smile, her loyal friendship and generous spirit.”

The desert has lost a bright shining star…