It’s been speculated that the oil Jesus used to anoint the sick and perform miracles may have been cannabis oil. In The Great Book of Hemp, Rowan Robinson writes of an old Christmas Eve tradition still seen in Poland and Lithuania today: semieniatka, or hemp seed soup. Semieniatka is offered to deceased family members who come back to visit their families over the holidays. This custom was also used by Roman Christians to describe anyone who hadn’t converted to Christianity. It stretches back to ancient Scythian culture where cannabis was linked to rituals surrounding death and funerals.

Ever notice the red and white mushrooms on Christmas illustrations? In the northernmost regions of Europe and Siberia, shamans are said to have eaten fly agaric mushrooms at the winter solstice. This particular mushroom, or Amanita muscaria, is a psychedelic fungus. Many iterations of the Wild Hunt describe fly agaric mushrooms growing wherever Wotan rode through the clouds, which magically sprout nine months later, from the autumn equinox (September 21) to the end of December.

Indigenous Sami people of Lapland waited in their tents on the longest night for a shaman to arrive on a reindeer-drawn sled. Inside, he would consume fly agaric mushrooms and bestow “gifts” of healing and advice from another realm onto the family, who would then feed the holy man for his service. These well-fed shamans dressed in red and white to honor the power and magic of these mushrooms, which allegedly gave people the sensation of flying through the sky.


Take advantage of cannabis wreaths, ornaments, a cannabis advent calendar with a new strain for each day, and a “Mistletoke” bouquet. Mistletoke is a limited release product of a high Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) strain with a fruity, sweet aroma and flavor profile. It is grown in a greenhouse facility, exposed to natural sunlight, hang-dried and hand-trimmed. One can also find numerous holiday-inspired edible recipes, from THC-spiked cider to pumpkin spice pancakes with THC butter.

California-based Lowell Herb Co sells a Hanukkah gift set with strains for each of the Jewish holiday’s eight nights. Could this be the most California Hanukkah gift ever? Lowell Herb Co. products can be found locally at The Leaf El Paseo and The Catalyst Palm Desert. If you are looking for last-minute grab-bag gifts shopping at dispensaries in Coachella Valley will give you a variety of premium cannabis. I apologize for not finding this resource at the beginning of Chanukah.

Short of a macrame crafting kit for crystal storage or a mask for wildfire season, it’s hard to think about anything more emblematic of Golden State lifestyle gifting needs in 2018, now that recreational use is legal and everyone seems to have some form of anxiety about something. If you have not yet taken advantage of cannabis products, many of these items may still be available the day after Christmas for a reduced price.

Remember to not mix alcohol with cannabis. Cannabis increases the delirium anger and other side effects of alcohol. More and more youth and young Americans are replacing alcohol and cigarettes with cannabis. Cannabis is safer. You have heard cannabis proponents say: that there has never been a death due to cannabis in 5000 years. Are you aware of the science behind this belief? There are NO receptors for cannabis in the brain stem. The brain stem is responsible for breathing. When a user becomes high the slumber and side effects will wear off. They will never die because of the lack of receptors in the brain stem. However, there are many receptors for alcohol, opiates, methamphetamines, and other toxins that depress breathing and heart rate leading to a lethal outcome.

Always remember what you have been taught on these cannabis corner pages. What is the rescue when getting high on cannabis? CBD or peppercorns, or any herb that has beta-caryophyllene. Beta-caryophyllene is the exact molecular structure as Cannabidiol (CBD) which is the rescue for THC.

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